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 Post subject: Bloodsword Kickstarter
PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:59 pm 
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I am really snowed under with a lot of things, but I wanted to bring this to your attention.

Dave Morris' Kickstarter for a revised edition of the final Blood Sword book.


Of specific DW interest is the third stretch goal:


Having soared past £7000, it’s time to talk about stretch goal 3.

Originally I wasn't even expecting us to get to stretch goal 2. Even so, I had some vague notion of where we could go after that. While editing The Walls of Spyte, I’ve been making notes on what I’d have done if I’d written more of the book. It’s fair to say my version would be a lot more in line with the previous three books in the series. It would also probably be a lot less Prison Break, a lot more The Prisoner.

Plans are made to be changed. For one thing, I’ve been finding that the other stretch goals are much bigger tasks than I anticipated. Adding several thousand hyperlinks to the Book 5 PDF wasn’t so bad, but now I’m in the middle of layouts for the Blood Sword Battle Boards. That’s going to be around 450 pages. It’s proving to be an entire KS in its own right!

But more importantly, writing a new version of Book 5 would not only be a huge chunk of work (deserving of another whole Kickstarter campaign) and very confusing to players (which finale should they read?), it would also be disrespectful to Oliver’s vision and the work Jamie did pitching in to help him. The Walls of Spyte isn’t how I’d have planned the story, but then if it were up to me there’d be colonies in the asteroid belt and a world government. Can’t have everything.

So, not wanting to waste the ideas I’ve been jotting down, I’ve decided that stretch goal 3 will use those notes as the basis for a Dragon Warriors scenario. If you ever want to play the struggle with the Magi as a roleplaying campaign, as I’m sure many already have, this scenario (working title: “The Pale Unsatisfied Ones”) will be a possible denouement. And if you're not a roleplayer, you can still read it as the blueprint for an alternate ending to the Blood Sword saga.

Here’s a little taster from my notes of the sort of thing to expect:

“The homunculus – an odd episode. I hadn't realized until reconstructing the flowchart that you're highly unlikely ever to come across it. But I like the creepiness of finding a sort of waxy foetal thing in a jar, and how much more chilling and effective that would be in story terms if there was a shiver of recognition…”

I’m not sure what rules I’ll use for it. I’m currently sketching out a second edition of Dragon Warriors, so maybe it’ll be that, maybe original DW, maybe a vanilla system to fit any and all rules. Backers will receive “The Pale Unsatisfied Ones” as a PDF – but when? First I’ll have to get around to Blood Sword Lite, which is a project which might take a year at least, but I’ve no doubt at some point inspiration will reach a critical mass and I’ll sit down and write up the adventure. So I expect backers to get their PDF copy by the end of 2020 at the very latest, and probably much sooner.

What’s the target for this? Buckle up: it’s £11,000. Yeah, that’s ambitious but I think we’re on course to make it, and if we do this campaign will have exceeded its original goal by 450%. That’s the kind of success that could really put Blood Sword, Dragon Warriors and the lands of Legend back on the map. And all thanks to you guys.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:04 pm 
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Cool.....better chuck some dosh at it.

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