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Author:  Dreadnought [ Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  ADMINISTRATION NOTICE: Spam Attacks

The forum is currently being hammered by spammers trying to sign up. Up until now, very few have reached the stage of requiring Admin verification (at which point I generally decline them and block them) but now they are doing that repeatedly - I have added a new layer of spam protection as an experiment, not because the task of deleting them manually is particularly onerous but because their existence increases the chance I might accidentally block somebody who is subscribing deliberately. It is possible this new layer may cause issues with some people being blocked from posting - it shouldn't, as I understand it, but it's possible. If this happens to you, please email me at drednort@gmail.com - I'll turn this feature off if it causes more problems than it is worth.

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