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I was just messing around. How to find a resource somewhere and make it fit your own world… ;)

The Tale of Saint Andreas in Analika

The teachings of the Saviour reached Analika when Saint Andreas, the Walking Apostle, and his followers arrived some thirty years after the Saviour ascended into Heaven. Saint Andreas found the land filled with heathens and idolaters who worshipped violent gods of Fire, Lightning and Death and petty lords who ruled harshly over the impoverished farmers who tilled the land.[1] Within the dark mountains of the land dwelt many evil creatures whose power was fuelled by the blood and worship of the fearful locals.

Saint Andreas spoke out against the false priests and monsters. At first the people turned against him, but he responded to their blows and insults with a show of dignity and humility which gained him the respect of the crowd.[2] Saint Andreas then walked into the blood-stained temples, brought Light to Darkness, and showed the people that their Gods were nothing more than foolish demons. He placed upon the altars the symbols of the Saviour and converted many of the priests to the True Faith; many of these first converts later became Saints in their own right.

Saint Andreas then walked up the twisting mountain paths into the dark lairs of the vampires, wraiths and other unholy creatures, bringing the Light of God amongst them. With his Sword of Purity and the Cross of the Saviour[3] he sent the beasts back to the Hell from whence they came. When his work was done he returned amongst the simple farmers and laid down to rest. As he slept an angel of the Lord came down and took his soul to a better place.[4]

His remains were then taken by the Thirteen Most Holy, the first Faithful to be converted, and they divided these amongst the chapels of the land; Holy Relics for those who seek to understand the Walking Apostle himself.[5]

. . . . . . . . . . . .

[1] Several scholars have pointed out that at the time Saint Andreas would have reached Analika, the land was still part of the Selentine Empire and the people were treated no worse than elsewhere. They point out the tale must refer to the situation in the highlands of the country which have been the dwelling place of all sorts of Creatures of the Night since time immemorial.

[2] And, possibly, the approval of the Selentine governor. Certainly there is no record of Saint Andreas having been impeded in his tasks by the local authorities.

[3] There is considerable debate as to the nature of these artefacts. Some believe Saint Andreas carried a fragment of the True Cross, while others believe it was simply a cross he fashioned for the task. Likewise, some believe the Sword of Purity is an actual sword (its whereabouts currently unknown), while others believe it is an allegory referring to the Saint’s faith and determination.

[4] This aspect of the tale is much disputed. According to some, Saint Andreas travelled further afield after his exploits in Analika; reaching as far as Tamor before ending his days in the Emphidian city of Charoa.

[5] Again, the provenance of the Saint's remains (relics) is disputed. Relics of Saint Andrew can be found in churches in Emphidor and Tamor as well as in Analika.


Saint Andreas is notable in that he was one of the few early Saints of the True Faith not to die a martyr's death.

The Cross of Saint Andreas (or Andrew in Elleslandic) originates from a tale where Saint Andreas was caught preaching in the Perasic city of Gabalas and was condemned to be crucified. Stating that he was unworthy of being crucified on the same type of cross as that of Gatanades, he was instead lashed to a crux decussata (an X-shaped cross, or 'saltire').

The story goes on to tell that, like the Saviour, Saint Andreas did not die on the cross but instead continued to preach for three entire days – even converting some of his Selentine guards. The local Tribune finally had Saint Andreas cut down from the cross and exiled instead.

(Gabalas is an ancient city which lies on the western shores of the Sea of Lament. Today it is overlooked by a strong fortress which is the seat of Prince Emeric of Gabalas. The city gives its name to the entire principality, which is one of the four principalities of Outremer.)


The "Tale of Saint Andreas in Analika" is taken and adapted from "The True Faith in Analika" written by Damian May and posted to the Dragon Warriors Wiki in March 2011. The full, original text can be read here: http://dragonwarriors.wikifoundry.com/page/Analika

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