The City of Ongus

Ongus is the capital of the Kingdom of Albion. On this page, you will find maps of Ongus and its environs developed for my own Dragon Warriors campaign. This page is still under development, so check in periodically for updates.

Ongus is the capital city of Albion. It has a permanent population of approximately 40,000 people but can swell considerably on occasion. The city was founded during the days when the Selentine Empire occupied Albion, and it has persisted ever since although at times, its population fell dramatically. Today, the only parts of the old Selentine City that still remain are the core structure of the city walls, the old fortress known as Oldfort, a few ruins (most notably a ruined temple to the Selentine God of War, although small ruins can be seen scattered about the city, and some buildings may have old stonework and brickwork incorporated in them) and a number of old Latrina - public toilet facilities - scattered about the city that make use of the still intact sewer system that runs under the city - it was built to last).

The city is governed by a City Council (made up of representatives elected by 'Freemen of the City' in each Ward, and from each Guild) headed by a Lord Mayor elected from the council each year. It acknowledges no Lord but the King himself as any inherent authority over the city. The Guilds (many of which have built grand Guild Halls over the last fifty years or so) are the true core of the city's power.

The city is divided into areas refers to as 'Wards', along with a couple of other districts within and without the walls. Only Wards are entitled to return members to the Council.

Below is a key to the city. This is not a complete list of all businesses in the city or anything like it. It simply gives a selection of places that can be useful in a game situation, to make the city useful. In addition to being displayed on this webpage, the map is available here for download in ProFantasy's Campaign Cartographer 3 format. This can be viewed with the aid of the free viewer that can be downloaded on the ProFantasy webpage, and probably is the best way to study or use the map in detail.

I have also made PNG graphic files of each 'layer' of the map available here for download. These are large image files (7000x4011 pixels in size) and will serve no purpose for most people. They have been provided for download so others can use them to create their own maps using other products besides Campaign Cartographer 3. Except where prior rights exist, I do claim the Copyright on these maps of Ongus, but I have absolutely no obection to others editing them for their own use, or for distribution, subject to the following conditions.

1. No charge is made for the maps (this is a condition I have to abide by as well as I am making use of the intellectual property of others under Serpent Kings games fan policy.
2. I (Shaun Hately) am acknowledged as having provided the image files used, if they are used.
3. Any distribution is accompanied by a copy in some prominent form of Serpent Kings Games Fan policy which reads This website includes material based on the Dragon Warriors setting, as created by and copyright (c) Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, and used according to the terms of the Serpent King Games Fan Policy. We are not permitted to charge you to use or access this content. This website is not published, endorsed, or officially approved by Serpent King Games. For more information about Dragon Warriors products and Serpent King Games, please visit". This isn't my requirement but Serpent Kings Games, but I would be remiss if I did not bring it to people's attention.
4. This last one is not strictly a condition - you're under no obligation to do this - but I'd love to be offered a copy of anything you produce because your map may well be better than my map.

Follow these four points (or at least the first three) and your map is your own - as long as no challenge is made to my Copyright or anybody elses (as I make no challenge to anybody elses), all rights are yours. I claim nothing.

Ward of Letburg

A1Inn - The Silver Chalice
A3Convent of the Sisters of Saint Welman
A7Bath House
A9Guild Hall - The Worshipful Company of Mercers and Grocers
A12General Trader
A16Inn - The Dew Drop
A18General Trader
A24Animal Trainer
A25Pie Shop
A27Tavern - The Black Tar
A28Church - St Griswon's

Ward of The Plaza

B4Church - St Ursul's
B9Inn - The Witch's Pyre
B12Exotic Animals
B14Artist (Painter)
B17Guild Hall - Advocates and Scriveners
B20Council and Guild HallCentre of government for the City of Ongus

Ward of Groverest

C7Cathedral Church of Saint Celus
C9General Trader
C10Guild Hall - The Worshipful Company of Bakers and Pastrymakers
C11OldfortOld Selentine era Fortress that now serves as prison and court for the City
C13Inn - The Hanging ManTraditional site of the last breakfast before a felon is executed
C18General Store
C22Ruined TempleWas once devoted to the Selentine God of War
C25School - The Cathedral School
C27Spice Merchant
C28Church - St Edmund's
C31Bowyer and Fletcher
C32Dairy and Egglers
C36Furrier and Tailor
C39Inn – The Fast Ship to Outremer
C44Convent of Saint Ashanax

Ward of Ongwic

D1 Cobbler
D2 Gambling Den
D3 Paper and Inkmaker
D4 Guild Hall – Company of Messengers
D5 Alchemist and Herbalist
D6 Stable
D7 Brothel
D8 General Store
D9 Baker
D10 Smith
D11 Silversmith
D12 Blademaker
D13 Coppersmith
D14 Potter
D15 Latrina
D16 Monastery of St Alauria The Monks brew beer that supplies most of the city's taverns and inns.
D17 Sharpener
D18 Church – St Bartaman's
D19 Lawyer
D20 Outfitter
D21 Weaponsmith
D22 Leatherworker
D23 Tailor
D24 Leatherworker
D25 Cabinetmaker
D26 Brothel
D27 Inn – The Master Bowman
D28 Scriptorium
D29 Stable
D30 Guard House and Militia Barracks
D31 Gambling Den
D32 Boatwright
D33 Barber

Ward of Sunmedow

E1 Monastery
E2 Bank
E3 Physician
E4 Exotic Pets
E5 Scholar
E6 General Store
E7 Inn – The Stag's Antlers
E8 Interpreter
E9 Dairy
E10 Biologist
E11 List Field
E12 Physician
E13 Alchemist
E14 Physician
E15 Convent of St Crispin
E16 Furrier
E17 Astronomer
E18 Bath House
E19 Scholar
E20 Inn – The Chipped Cheeseboard
E21 Lawyer
E22 Scholar
E23 Music Shop
E24 Bird Trainer
E25 The College of Arms
E26 Perfume Seller
E27 Latrina
E28 Physician
E29 Tavern – The Goat and Compass
E30 Spice Merchant
E31 Interpreter
E32 Linguist
E33 Jeweller
E34 Architect
E35 Mathematician
E36 Brothel
E37 Furrier and Tailor
E38 Artist – Painter
E39 Scholar
E40 Church – St Emanel's
E41 Weaponsmith
E42 Artist – Sculptor
E43 Guild Hall – Masterful Apothecaries and Alchemists Fellowship
E44 Physician
E45 School - Guildhall School

Ward of Queensbower

F1 Church – St Handal's
F2 Guild Hall – The Honourable Fellowship of Precious Metal Smiths
F3 Furrier
F4 Inn – The White Horse
F5 Architect
F6 Linguist
F7 Latrina
F8 Engineer
F9 Geologist
F10 Bowyer and Fletcher
F11 Music Shops
F12 General Merchant
F13 Goldsmith
F14 Ironmongers
F15 Furniture Sales
F16 Silversmith
F17 Armorer
F18 Cabinetmakers
F19 Stationers
F20 Pets
F21 Baker
F22 Butcher
F23 Swordsmith
F24 Tailor
F25 Glassgoods
F26 Bookshop
F27 Engravers
F28 Locksmith
F29 Tailor
F30 Pottery and Ceramics
F31 Clothseller
F32 Tailor
F33 Wineshop
F34 Furs and Leathers
F35 Perfume Seller
F36 Jeweller
F37 Carpetseller
F38 Spice Merchant
F39 Cosmetics Seller
F40 Greengrocer
F41 Fruiterers
F42 Cartographers
F43 Herbalism
F44 Dairy and Cheese
F45 Woodcarvers

Ward of Gracefields

G1 Eggler and Dairy
G2 Interpreter
G3 Goldsmith
G4 Lawyer
G5 Candlemaker
G6 Guild Hall – Guild of Sages and Scholars
G7 Lawyer
G8 Cartwright
G9 Greengrocer
G10 Armourer
G11 Furrier
G12 Linguist
G13 Silversmith
G14 Undertaker
G15 Distiller
G16 Tailor
G17 Armourer
G18 Weaponmaker
G19 Cobbler
G20 Church – Our Lady of Grace
G21 Taxidermist
G22 Engineer
G23 City and Guild Library
G24 Pawnshop
G25 Pieshop
G26 Silversmith
G27 Smith
G28 Dairy
G29 Latrina
G30 Woodcarver
G31 Glassblower
G32 Scholar
G33 Illuminator
G34 Sweetwater Bath House
G35 Lawyer
G36 Inn – The Dandy Lion
G37 Guild Hall – Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Glassblowers
G38 Scriptorium
G39 Goldsmith
G40 Guard House and Militia Barracks
G41 Confectioner
G42 Fortuneteller
G43 Jeweller
G44 Brothel
G45 Baker

Ward of Great Oak

H1 Great Stump
H2 Guild Hall – Company of Armoursmiths and Weaponsmiths
H3 Armourer
H4 Dairy
H5 Guild Hall – Company of Master Bowers and Fletchers
H6 Swordsmith
H7 Smith
H8 Woodcarver and Carpenter
H9 Latrina
H10 Tapestry Maker
H11 Weaver
H12 Leatherworker
H13 General Merchant
H14 Wineshop
H15 Botanist
H16 Spice Merchant
H17 Temple – Old Faith The Old Faith is analagous to Judaism in the same way that the True Faith is analagous to Christianity
H18 Inn – Klavayn's Mug
H19 Church – St Bretwald's
H20 Armourer
H21 Cabinet Maker
H22 Engraver
H23 Coppersmith
H24 Ink and Paper Maker

Ward of Byway

I1 Outfitter
I2 Dyer
I3 Leatherworker
I4 Guild Hall – Worshipful Company of Inn and Tavern Keepers
I5 Coppersmith
I6 General Merchant
I7 Cooper
I8 Fuller
I9 Latrina
I10 Church – Sacred Mother of Peace
I11 Cobbler
I12 Bath House
I13 Inn – The Swan
I14 Baker
I15 Ropemaker
I16 Engraver
I17 Spice Merchant
I18 Outfitter

Ward of Long Market

J1 Dairy
J2 Cider Brewery
J3 Veterinarian
J4 Bowyer and Fletcher
J5 Tapestry Maker
J6 Physician
J7 Baker
J8 Monastery of the Sacred Mother
J9 Latrina
J10 Spice Merchant
J11 Spice Merchant
J12 Carpet Maker
J13 Physician
J14 Inn – The Crumpled Horn
J15 Scriptorium
J16 Dyer
J17 Guild Hall – Company of Clothiers, Tailors, and Fullers
J18 Church – Holy Tomb
J19 Armourer
J20 Inn – The Crown
J21 Carpenter
J22 Inn – The Moon in the Water
J23 Rug and Blanket Maker
J24 Scriptorium
J25 Weaver
J26 Tattooist

Ward of Argent Hill

K1 Weaponsmith
K2 Armourer
K3 Money-lender
K4 Coppersmith
K5 Stable
K6 Outfitter
K7 Bowyer and Fletcher
K8 Smith
K9 Weaponsmith
K10 Inn – The Faithful Hound Widely known as The Dead Dog
K11 Bowyer and Fletcher
K12 Weaver
K13 Baker
K14 Dairy
K15 Weaponsmith
K16 Potter
K17 Latrina
K18 Inn – The Five Magi
K19 Bowyer and Fletcher
K20 Lampmaker
K21 Physician
K22 Chapter House – Worshipful Order of St Wythan (The Knights Capellar)
K23 Monastery of St Leon
K24 Guild Hall – Brotherhood of Furniture and Cabinet Makers
K25 Emalee's Bath House
K26 Church – St Deniol's
K27 Veterinarian
K28 Veterinarian
K29 Weaponsmith
K30 Fishmonger
K31 Signpainter
K32 General Merchant
K33 Stable
K34 Glassblower
K35 Guard House and Militia Barracks
K36 Baker

Ward of Bridgewater

L1 Baker
L2 Cobbler
L3 Cheesemaker
L4 Guild Hall – Worshipful Company of Barber Surgeons
L5 Cooper
L6 Pawnshop
L7 Cobbler
L8 Latrina
L9 Fortuneteller
L10 Carpenter
L11 Lampmaker
L12 Cobbler
L13 Carpenter
L14 Carpenter
L15 Church – St Calfanda's
L16 Scriptorium
L17 Tailor
L18 Signpainter
L19 Cobbler
L20 Weaponsmith
L21 Carpenter
L22 Painter (Trade)
L23 Herbalist
L24 River Baths
L25 Pawnshop
L26 Dyer
L27 Carpenter
L28 Sharpener
L29 Painter (Trade)
L30 Inn – The Princess of Braeburg
L31 Barber
L32 Burntout Area

Ward of Docksides

M1 Guild Hall – Company of Dyers and Ink Makers
M2 Herbalist
M3 Brothel
M4 Distiller
M5 Cobbler
M6 Cobbler
M7 Carpenter
M8 Painter (Trade)
M9 Pawnshop
M10 Guild Hall – Worshipful Company of Butchers and Poulters
M11 Fishmonger
M12 Carpenter
M13 Cheesemaker
M14 Cobbler
M15 Paper and Inkmaker
M16 Painter (Trade)
M17 Church – St Teres'
M18 Painter (Trade)
M19 Cobbler
M20 Fortuneteller
M21 Dyer
M22 Signpainter
M23 Cooper
M24 Cobbler
M25 Butcher
M26 Sausage Maker
M27 Butcher
M28 Carpenter
M29 Inn – The Three Shovels
M30 Butcher
M31 Latrina
M32 Barber
M33 Barber
M34 Butcher
M35 Poulterer
M36 Butcher
M37 Poulterer
M38 Baker
M39 Sharpener
M40 Potter
M41 Cheesemaker
M42 Signpainter
M43 Carpenter
M44 Fortuneteller
M45 Butcher

Ward of Southgate

N1 School - School of the Immaculate Saint Sandii
N2 Tailor
N3 Stable
N4 General Merchant
N5 Guard House and Militia Barracks
N6 Baker
N7 Cartographer
N8 Greengrocer
N9 Guild Hall – Worshipful Company of Carpenters, Cabinetmakers and Woodworkers-In-General
N10 General Merchant
N11 General Merchant
N12 Physician
N13 Scriptorium
N14 Leatherworker
N15 Lawyer
N16 Tavern – The Fighting Cocks
N17 Inn – The Frog Pond
N18 Horsetrader
N19 Stable
N20 Latrina
N21 Scriptorium
N22 Smith
N23 Scriptorium
N24 Baker
N25 Veterinarian
N26 School – Mistress Marta's Dame School
N27 The Rookery Headquarters of the Crooked Rooks in Ongus
N28 Church – St Lucart's
N29 Barber
N30 Inn – The Apple Tree
N31 Illuminator
N32 Horsetrader

Ward of Southside

O1 Smith
O2 General Merchant
O3 Guildhall – Worshipful Fellowship of Brewers, Vintners, Distillers and Cider Makers
O4 Monastery of St Ambrosius
O5 Smith
O6 Smith
O7 Dairy
O8 Physician
O9 Smith
O10 Illuminator
O11 Stable
O12 Baker
O13 Scriptorium
O14 Coppersmith
O15 Cartwright
O16 General Merchant
O17 Smith
O18 Inn – The Bishop's Finger
O19 Spice Merchant
O20 Latrina
O21 Church – St Fredara's
O22 Leatherworker
O23 Herbalist

Ward of Piscally

P1 Fishmonger
P2 Undertaker
P3 Paper and Inkmaker
P4 Cheesemaker
P5 Cobbler
P6 Friary of St Heramik
P7 Dyer
P8 Potter
P9 Carpenter
P10 Tavern – The Grapes
P11 Cobbler
P12 Guild Hall – Fraternity of Fishmongers and Fisherfolk
P13 Fishmonger
P14 Undertaker
P15 Pawnshop
P16 Candlemaker
P17 Undertaker
P18 Physician
P19 Fishmonger
P20 Fishmonger
P21 Guild Hall – Worshipful Company of Tanners and Leatherworkers
P22 Fishmonger
P23 Fishmonger
P24 Lampmaker
P25 Fishmonger
P26 Fishmonger
P27 Fishmonger
P28 Church – St Pholus'
P29 Spinner
P30 Latrina
P31 Pawnshop
P32 Inn – The Bucket of Blood
P33 Candlemaker
P34 Cooper
P35 Carpenter

District of Castra

(Largely unoccupied, serves as a base on those occasions when a King raises an army).

Q1 Garrison Commander's Home
Q2 Lawyer
Q3 Pension Office
Q4 Military Hospital
Q5 Physician
Q6 Inn – The Twelve Sided Dice
Q7 Tattooist
Q8 Arena
Q9 Weaponsmith
Q10 Church - The Chapel
Q11 Undertaker
Q12 Armourer
Q13 Cartographer
Q14 Smith
Q15 Bowyer and Fletcher
Q16 Latrina

Manor of Bishop's Privilege

(Within the walls of the city (an old wall dividing it from the rest of the city is now ruinous and replaced by parkland) this area is not officially part of the city, but is a Manor held by the Bishop of Ongus).

R1 Coppersmith
R2 Illuminator
R3 Cartwright
R4 Bishop's Palace
R5 Swordsmith
R6 Church – St Willard's By The Gate
R7 Baker
R8 Guild Hall – Brotherhood of Coopers
R9 Inn – Take Up The Cross
R10 Shipbuilder's Office
R11 Stable
R12 Lawyer
R13 Physician
R14 Dairy
R15 Spice Merchant
R16 Carpenter
R17 Inn – The Unready Scholar
R18 Ecclesiastical Supplies
R19 Ropemaker
R20 Smith
R21 Bakery
R22 Cheesemakers
R23 Latrina

Ongus Bridge

(Owned by the city, but not legally part of it).

S1 Cartographer
S2 Art Dealer
S3 Dairy
S4 Coppersmith
S5 Swimming Instructor
S6 Dyer
S7 Butcher
S8 Leatherworker
S9 Engineer
S10 Linguist (Language Teacher)
S11 Geologist
S12 Tavern – The Bridge Over Troubled Waters
S13 Tailor
S14 General Merchant
S15 Brothel
S16 Spice Merchant
S17 Bakery
S18 Cobbler
S19 Scriptorium

The Stink

(Seeking recognition as a ward, facing strong resistance).

T1 Butcher
T2 Cooper
T3 Sharpener
T4 Butcher
T5 Sign Painter
T6 Fortuneteller
T7 Inn – The Lass in the Lane
T8 Dyer
T9 Stoneworker
T10 Stables
T11 Slaughteryard
T12 Sharpener
T13 Stables
T14 Orphanage
T15 Guild Hall – Capstone Guild
T16 Stables
T17 Perfumer
T18 Weaver
T19 Carpenter
T20 Watermill
T21 Brewery
T22 Tannery
T23 Slaughteryard
T24 Tannery
T25 Fishfarm
T26 Laundry
T27 Fuller
T28 Dyer


(An attempt to set up a new market for the region that is not required to pay fee to the City - so far, not very successful).

U1 Market Office
U2 Seed Store
U3 General Merchant
U4 Hostel of the Order of Hadar
U5 Leper and Plague Hospital

Manor of St Jera's

(A manor held by a Knight in fealty to a northern lord. Much like any other manorial village except for its proxmity to Ongus).

V1 Church – St Jera's Without The Walls
V2 General Merchant
V3 Smith
V4 Theatre – The Bear Pit
V5 Manor House
V6 General Merchant
V7 Inn – The Old Regret

Holder's Creek

(Traditional execution ground for the City of Ongus).

W1Inn - The Overlook
W2The Gallows

Monk's Reach

X1Monastery of Saint Jaden


(The King's Palace and Seat of His Court - separate from the City, but overlooking it).

Z1 School - The King's School
Z2 Guest House
Z3 Thuland Hall
Z4 Royal Prison
Z5 The Chapel Royal
Z6 The Exchequer
Z7 The Treasury
Z8 The Tower
Z9 Banqueting House
Z10 The Royal Crypt
Z11 The Royal Mint
Z12 The Dowager House

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