Map and Key of the Rathurbosk

The numbers on this key relate to the map of the Rathurbosk above.

1. Inghard Kar the Ropemaker
Inghard is a short dark haired man in his early 30s whose family have been making ropes from their home just north of the Rathurbosk for generations. He is reputed to be descended from one of the Krarth Magi, but if this is true, it means little to anybody today – including the man himself. He is far prouder of his skill as a master ropemaker, than some ancient ancestry.

2. Distillery
This is one of the larger businesses on the Rathurbosk and employs about twenty people – about half of them Dwarves. It manufactures an alcoholic spirit similar to vodka, called Jarndel. While some of this is drunk on the bridge, and some is exported to the south, most of the production is sent north into Krarth where it is regarded as essential to surviving the cold winters. The owner is a Dwarf named Harafond.

3. Home of Vandonia The Barber
A red and white pole stands in the street outside this modest dwelling. Vandonia is a 27 year old woman with great skill in cutting hair and basic medical care (such as the removal of warts or dentistry.

4. Gillian Borne – Ink and Paper Maker

5. Ethemiard – Pottery

6. Ilia – Bakers
This bakery provides basic bread for the poorer people who live on this section of the bridge. Day old bread is sold for a penny a loaf, and sells far better than the fresh bread at 4 pennies a loaf .

7. Kristiana the Cheesemaker

8. Greshnak the Weaponsmith
Greshnak is a Dwarf. He will willingly manufacture and sell weapons to anybody who wishes to purchase, but follows all rules relating to their presence on the bridge – those who buy will have to pick up their purchases when leaving.

9. Sienna - Candlemaker

10. Jerome the Dyer

11. Narga Bluetooth – Meat Merchant
Specialises in sausages.

12. Shika the Cobbler

13. Brandon Cooper

14. Knives Sharpened
This shop is owned by an elderly female Dwarf named Ladorioffa. She is adept at carrying out minor repairs of just about anything in addition to her basic business.

15. Tower of Rauk
Rauk's tower is about four stories tall and so rises considerably above the streets of this district. Rauk himself is an elderly Sorcerer (7th Rank) who has set himself up as a sage and general purpose wizard on the Rathurbosk. At anytime he tends to have three or four young apprentices around the tower. These are local children and adolescents drawn from the school for their promise. It is possible the eldest of these (normally a 1st Rank Sorcerer themselves) may be persuaded to join an adventuring party.

16. Fuller
Owned by Nistar Intarna – a 2nd rank Mystic.

17. Stanark the Fishmonger

18. Three Brass Balls Pawn Shop
Owned by a sharpeyed young woman named Nancis. She will not knowingly deal in stolen goods. A large club rests on the counter.

19. Heward – Painter
Paints buildings, internally and externally. Does a lot of work for the Bridge Authorities.

20. Fair Play Pawn Shop
Owned by a Dwarf named Redguard. He is known to sell items that he regards as unlikely to be reclaimed early, and tends to prey on the desperate. He is considered a pariah by the other Dwarfs of the Bridge.

21. Basil's Den
There are no signs on this building which looks like any other dilapidated house in this district. But inside lives Basil Cardmon, the Rathurbosk's most successful fence. He will buy and sell almost anything - he pays about 10% of market value for most items (and sells them at about half normal value) and is about the only place in town that weapons can be purchased, no questions asked. These he charges 150% of total value for. If the PCs somehow manage to find out about Basil, all they will be told about his location is that he is 'opposite the Elm Tree'. As there is no elm tree on the bridge this may cause some confusion.

22. Galamrel the Weaver

23. Haglahd the Moneylender
Will lend amounts up to 200 Florins at a rate of 10% interest per month to those resident on the bridge or its surrounds. Failure to pay back a debt (or leaving the area around the Bridge without convincing him you will soon return) will lead to physical consequences.

24. Rooks Guardhouse
This nondescript house serves as one of two guard houses for the council of Thieves (the other is building number 28). Inside, at any time of day or night lurk 3 men. A 1st Rank Assassin and 2 normal humans armed with swords and hardened leather armour. They will emerge only to protect the guild from attack.

25. Falstad the Signpainter

26. The Rookery
This two story building bears no signs but it is reasonably well known that it is the headquarters of the Rathurbosk underworld. This is a local 'branch' of the Crooked Rooks – a group that spans much of northern Legend, albeit on a small scale. The underworld is small and is headed by Berit Stele, a 5th Rank Assassin who controls the guild with an iron fist. There are approximately 7 other Assassins living and operating on the Bridge and the Council controls their operations, and has in its employ approximately 20 young ruffians of the bridge who act as heavies (normal humans).

27. Gambling Den
Owned by Rodrigues Casala of Ferromaine – a roguish fop with a vicious temper towards any who cross him. The existence of his den is tolerated by the Rooks, because they have not yet worked out precisely what his angle is.

28. Rooks Guardhouse
This nondescript house serves as one of two guard houses for the council of Thieves (the other is building number 24). Inside, at any time of day or night lurk 3 men. A 1st Rank Assassin and 2 normal humans armed with swords and hardened leather armour. They will emerge only to protect the guild from attack.

29. Elm Tree
A red lamp hangs in the doorway of this two story, red-painted building. This is a brothel - run and owned by the Rooks. Without going into unnecessary detail, girls (and men) of various skill and ability work within at prices ranging from 5 florins upwards. There is a risk of disease associated with this place. Each patron has a 1% chance per 'experience' of contracting a disease identical to the Pox and a 5% chance of contracting a disease similar to the Ague (see Dragon Warriors, p126 for details of disease.) Symptoms will not develop for 5d6 days.

30. Coln the Tanner

31. Stonecutters
Thragdor, a Dwarf owns this business. He is also an Acolyte of the Dwarven Hall.

32. Ceela's Laundry
Provides a useful service to those on the Bridge – but Ceela is secretly working for the Bridge Authorities to keep an eye on the Rooks.

33. Ceram the Potter
Dwarven owned. Pottery is functional and cheap.

34. The Golden Dragon Brewery
This is one of the Rathurbosk's major employers. This two story building is where Golden Dragon Ale renowned throughout Kurland is brewed. It's a fine ale and the owner and manager of the brewery, Gerold Donovon is extremely wealthy. He is known to have contacts with certain of the Magi of Krarth and has in the past acted as an agent for them. He is an excellent first contact for someone who wishes to participate in the Battlepits of Krarth (see Dragon Warriors, p201) and act as a champion for one of the Magi.

35. Scribe
Heathcliffe is only about twenty. He was an apprentice to Rauk, until the Wizard decided he was not taking his studies seriously enough and cast him out. Heathcliffe feels hard done by, being unaware that he is, in fact, the bastard son of the Master Wizard. His diligence with his small business may lead to him being taken back in the near future.

36. Arlild's General Merchant

37. Hasterk, Outfitters
Off the peg, cheap clothing.

38. Stoloria the Scentmaker
This Dwarven woman manufactures perfume – primarily for export, but she will sell locally.

39. Bows and Arrows
Marstog is a Master Bowyer. His workshop manufactures bows and crossbows, as well as arrows and bolts. Most of his business goes to keeping the Bridge authorities supplied, but he will sell to private buyers and is not too concerned about letting them take weapons out the door, no matter what the law says.

40. Necker, Animal Trainer
Necker is a fourth rank Hunter, with a true empathy for training almost any creature. He specialises in dogs for hunting and guarding purposes.

41. Bertrand the Lawyer
The scales of justice hang above the door of this building.

Bertrand is a lawyer, but not a very good one. He has no direct effect on the chance of a case going a clients way, but he is always willing to arrange bribes (at a 10% cut himself). He has access to most of the prominent people of the Bridge in order to make these arrangements, and is also able to 'arrange' for witnesses to appear for a price. He has contacts within the Rooks and may be able to arrange for the removal of witnesses - if the price is right. For the effect of bribes on criminal cases see Dragon Warriors, p92-194). His normal fee, in addition to any mentioned above, is 7 florins per day.

42. Remmeck the Cartographer
A sign reading 'Maps' in Kurlish is attached to the door of this dwelling. It is open six days a week in the mornings. In the afternoons, Remmeck tends to be found in the Flynt Ridd.

Remmeck is a Thulander, a former barbarian warrior (4th Rank) who retired to settle on the Rathurbosk about 8 years ago. He is widely travelled and has refined the art of mapmaking over the years. He is able to sell maps of most of the civilised countries of Legend, right down to the level of individual counties for the lands of Ellesland or northern Legend. These maps are expensive - 100 florins is not an unusual price - but they are generally accurate. He makes his real money, however, by his possession of certain maps of Krarth and of the City of Spyte which he never lets out of his possession or copies but allows adventurers to look at (and copy themselves) for a fee of 100 florins an hour. These are very accurate and very useful to anyone attempting to explore Krarth, but he does not normally reveal the fact that he possesses them as he is afraid that certain powers would seek to destroy the maps - or even to destroy him.

43. Small Smith
Teremah and his apprentice, Tosha, specialises in making basic knives, small nails, and other simple metal goods, although they can handle larger tasks. They are adherents of the Old Faith. One day each week, the shop is shut as they observe their holy day (the seven day week of their faith, does not match the eight day week used in Kurland and on the Bridge, so it is a different day each week)

44. Baker
Though the bulk of her trade is in bread, Mereda is renowned for her meat and chicken pies.

45. Mard the Woodcarver
Can carve almost anything. Most makes basic furniture, and clothes pegs.

46. Fine Furs
The Dwarf Cartacar, sells both pelts and clothing items made of various furs – wolf, fox, rabbit, bear, and occasionally more exotic creatures.

47. Justin the Healer
A caduceus (a staff with two snakes entwined around it) is freshly painted on the door of this building. This is the home of Justin Brooks, a former crusader recently returned to the Rathurbosk (4th Level Knight). During his period away at the crusades, Justin amassed some considerable skill in healing and is able to perform surgery for people who need it. He charges only what they can afford.

48. Alchemist
This store is owned by a Dwarf named Brogdard who specialises in manufacturing alchemical concoctions that can be usefully used by various people – acids, cleaning products, etc. He has no understanding of, nor interest in, the magical uses of alchemy.

49. Goldsmith
Tarafar the Tall – he is just over five feet, which is tall for a Dwarf, is renowned all over northern Legend for his fine work as a Goldsmith. He is also a useful contact for those seeking connections with the Dwarven settlements around the nearby mountains, being informally, an Ambassador for those communities to the Bridge.

50. Music Shop
Lerodeddy, a middle aged woman, sells a range of musical instruments from this shop. She, herself, makes harps.

51. Citadel duul Guidor
The Citadel duul Guidor is the administrative centre of the Bridge. With its walls can be found the dungeons (where long term prisoners are incarcerated), the High Court, presided over by Jase duul Guidor, and the living quarters of the duul Guidor clan.

52. Architect and Engineer
The Dwarf Degan works as an Engineer for the Bridge authorities, carrying out regular inspections to ensure the Bridge remains structurally sound. He can also design buildings on a private basis.

53. Exotic Animals
More a brokers than a pet store, the owner of this shop, Cassiana Mell, has contacts all over Legend, that allow her to source and arrange delivery of unusual – though natural – animals for purchase at a high premium. Most of her clientelle come north from Krarth, where there is a market for such creatures among the petty Magi.

54. The Royal Bank of Kurland
This bank is always guarded by four warriors equivalent to 4th Rank Knights who wear chain mail and carry swords (they have a special dispensation). The bank will be happy to store money for the PCs (at a 5% handling fee - both at deposit and withdrawal) and to issue credit notes at a 10% payment.

55. Scholar and Sage
Murnan is available to carry out research in the Great Library for only 50 florins a day – he has a special deal with Hiabuor, in exchange for having supplied the Library with some rare tomes over the years.

56. Gayle the Lawyer
This door bears the Scales of Justice upon it.

The law of the Rathurbosk is quite complex, though reasonably fair. It is to the advantage of any person defending themselves against criminal charges to hire one of the Rathurbosk's lawyers. Gayle, a young and attractive woman, is one of the best, though she is expensive. She charges 10 florins a day when dealing with a case, but she adds 15% to the chance that a case will go the way of the PC concerned (see Dragon Warriors, p189-196). She is honest and will not tolerate bribery or corruption.

57. Public Bath
These were built over 800 years ago and are still an impressive building of marble. The baths are divided into three section - male on the west, female on the east with a mixed bathing area in the middle. Each section contains two pools - one with hot water and one with cold, and a sauna area. The baths are commonly used for business meetings and most prominent people of the bridge use them daily, or at least weekly. Bathing is typically nude which is the reason for the opportunity for segregated bathing.

58. Surgeon
Marag is a female Dwarf who is a Master Surgeon. Her techniques are unusual by human standards, but effective. She jealously guards Dwarven knowledge of basic methods of sanitary medicine.

59. Lobrylla's Jeweler
A large sign depicting a golden ring hangs above the door of this building.

This store (always attended by a 2nd Rank Barbarian Warrior named Banrok who acts as a guard - he wears hardened leather armour and carries s shortsword, and as a dispensation to bear arms) buys and sells jewellery. Lobrylla, a middle aged woman is very honest and will always give a fair price when purchasing - 40% of the items resale value.

60. Physician
Kofa dresses and affects the manner of a Ta'ashim scholar, though, if asked, he will point to the Crucifix on his wall, and explain that he has converted to the True Faith. He is actually a charlatan, born less than fifty miles away, who specialises in selling medicines of dubious origin and effect, although he has become an expert in diagnosis over the years.

61. Tower Of Helgryak
Around 1000 years ago, a Great Dragon, Helgryak, terrorised the people of the Rathurbosk. In tribute to him and as an act of appeasement a great spire was constructed in the centre of the bridge. This tower is nearly 40 metres tall, made of basalt and it shines in the sunlight. It is topped by a mechanical clock - one of the few in Legend - which keeps excellent time as long as it is tended every day. The inside of the tower is hollow and contains a winding staircase up to the clock tower. It is wound early each morning by an employee of the duul Guidor family.

62. Alis the Potion Maker
Alis is a young woman who fled south from Krarth only a couple of years ago, with the contents of her former Master's laboratory (one of the Krarth Magi, who, though not as powerful as the older Magi, was still a Sorcerere of great skill). She claims to be able to manufacture powerful magical potions, but actually makes her living by selling her gradually dwindling stolen supply. She can sell most of the potions found in the Dragon Warriors rulebook, at half the price it costs to manufacture them – selling even a handful of potions a year, ensures a luxurious lifestyle. She lives in terror of her Master finding her – or of somebody else seeing through her charade and realising she is incapable of defending what she has.

63. Sauces of Power
One of Rauk's former apprentices, a 2nd Rank Sorcerer name Morasta, sells potions – both herbal and magical out of this shop. She does not manufacture the magical potions herself, merely selling on those made by Rauk. It is rare for a magical potion to actually be available for sale.

64. Astronomer
Hercala, a 3rd Rank sorcerer, and another of Rauk's former apprentices studies the stars from this location. He is a valuable source of information about matters astronomical, but does not really operate as a business as it is fairly rare for anybody to be interested in purchasing such information

65. Piyana the Painter
Piyana paints portraits for those who want such things done. She has the knack of people able to sketch somebody based on a detailed description to as much accuracy as the description allows.

66. Great Library of Hiabuor
This is, as its name indicates, a repository of learning. The library is huge by the standards of Legend, containing over 6000 books on two levels. It is uncatalogued, and the books are found only through the help of Hiabuor the Master Librarian or his three assistants. Almost any information the PCs require may be found within a week of searching beginning, but this does not come cheaply - the Library charges 100 florins per day to do a search and will not normally allow others to do so. The books are nearly always chained to the shelves to prevent easy theft. Most of the books are written in Kurlish, but there is a fair representation of other languages.

67. Translations
Hartney is a scholar of considerable skill. He specialises in translating documents from one language to another. Though fluent in a large number of languages, he is generally able to translate any of the standard languages of Legend, given time by using reference books he compiled in his youth – in simple terms, cross language dictionaries. He does a lot of work for Hiabuor, but will work for anybody for twenty florins a day.

68. Frose the Falconer
Frose trains and sells hawks and similar birds to those who can make use of them. Working from the Rathurbosk allows him to circumvent the normal rules that state certain birds should only be used by certain ranks – rules taken very seriously in Kurland.

69. Furrier
Aleus is a young tradesman, just starting out. He produces fur clothing, very useful for those travelling north. His work is of good quality, but costs mean he tends to limit himself to cheaper furs, such as rabbit.

70. Church Of St Petrov
About 800 years ago, the missionary priest, Petrov of Kalistan came north to convert the Heathen. He battled the Dragon Helgryak, and defeated him, and the people of the Bridge converted to the True Faith. Petrov was later canonised and this large Cathedral, staffed by a Bishop (Vladimir) and two priests is his major shrine. Services are held here as in a normal Church.

Residing in a gold casket embedded in the marble altar is the Skull of St Petrov, a Relic with the following powers.

40% chance of sensing evil, +1 bonus to MAGICAL DEFENCE when facing Undead, +2 bonus to MAGICAL DEFENCE when fighting Dragons.

For details on Relics see Dragon Warriors, p147.

Bishop Vladimir may, in extremely dire circumstances which threaten his church of the survival of the Bridge allow the Relic to be used by characters he deems worthy.

71. General Foundry
A general blacksmiths owned by Liam Greer, a retired adventurer (6th rank Knight)

72. Sculptures
Verna Jool manufactures small decorative sculptures, much sort over as decorations by the wealthy and well to do on the Bridge.

73. Illuminations
Antok is a 3rd Rank Priest, who adventured as a younger man, but wound up here on the Rathurbosk after losing his leg in battle. He now illuminates manuscripts, often repairing books that come into the possession of the Great Library, or adding embellishments to other works for those who value such things.

74. Bakers
Owned by a Dwarf named Illman. He does a roaring trade after the weekly Church services selling pies, cakes, and other baked goods to those leaving the Church – some people still take the prohibition on working on the Sabbath seriously, while others simply find it convenient not to have to cook for themselves on their weekly day of rest.

75. Poros, General Merchant
A general store, mostly dealing in those small items people need in their daily lives.

76. Baker
Owned by Paulia, an adherent of the Old Faith. She has a dispensation from her Priest to sell on the mornings of their weekly Sabbath, and also is the source of certain specialised breads needed at particular festivals of that faith.

77. Jotkele, Cabinet Maker

78. Armourer
Geoniner is a master Armourer. He can manufacture any type of metal armour. His work can be functional, or decorative, with the cost reflecting the degree of decoration. His sister, Kilia, is a weaponsmith (93) and they often work together to produce matched sets of weapons and armour for those with the money for such frippery.

79. Dwerra the Locksmith
Dwerra is an elderly man - perhaps in his 70s - and is rumoured to have some dwarfish blood in his ancestry. Whether this is true or not, he is very dexterous and makes locks of high quality which are available for purchase. He also has a 60% chance of picking any lock brought to him which he will do for 10 florins (which is not refundable in the event of his failure) and one quarter of the contents of the item he opens (or monetary compensation to match that value).

80. Carpet Seller
Mirfama, a Ta'ashim converted to the True Faith (at least nominally) imports and sells carpets from the Ta'ashim lands, as well as more local sources.

81. General Merchant
Stomaron the Dwarf runs a general store. Among his other wares he sells Tahac (see area 89 for details).

82. Jobar Tailor
Sells a range of clothing off the peg and made to measure.

83. Armourer
Rofmar is a Dwarven Armourer. His work is good, but often looks a little odd to human eyes – almost stretched.

84. Coppersmith
A very young – beardless – Dwarf named Killan owns this store. An orphan whose parents were killed by bandits while travelling to the Bridge a year ago, he has set up his own business, with the support of Rofmar the Armourer.

85. Engraver
Vichiana is a fine engraver of woodcuts for printing, as well as engraving in metal.

86. Flynt Ridd
The Flynt Ridd is a tall building, four stories in height and is the Rathurbosk's only Tavern (although others can be found just off the Bridge to the south). As such it is very busy in the evenings, and is an excellent place for people to make contact with each other.

When the inn is entered, the patron will find himself in the Common Room. This serves as the bar, dining room, and a cheap place to sleep at night. Space on the Common Room floor can be had for but 2 pennies a night, or 4 pennies with a straw pallet. There are also a number of rooms on the three higher levels, each overlooking the common room. The most expensive rooms are the four suites on the top floor. These cost 5 florins per night to rent and can sleep 5 people in great comfort. They have running water, baths, and heating facilities and also room service. Below these on the second floor are 10 suites costing 3 florins a night which consist of separate bed rooms surrounding a sitting room. They have basic washing facilities. Finally on the first floor can be found twenty rooms each costing 1 florin a night. These are single rooms with no facilities beyond a bed. Toilet and wash facilities are found at the end of the corridor.

The Flynt Ridd is owned and run by Gutmooto.

87. Aeradian the Leatherworker
Aeradian, a 35 year old man deals in general leathergoods which he is happy to make on commission. He is capable of making various types of leather armour but will charge double the normal amount for these.

88. Gwealla the Lawyer
Gwealla, a middle aged, matronly woman is an experienced lawyer, who is nonetheless highly erratic in her performance. At times of great stress she tends to drink heavily and she finds work very stressful. So it is not uncommon for her to be perfectly sober when meeting a client but roaring drunk when she attends court. For this reason, she adds (2d20-20)% to the chance a court case will go in a clients favour. Her fee is 4 florins a day.

89. Greebo's Tea House
A picture depicting a cup and saucer hangs above the door and patrons may purchase tea inside, at between 1 penny and 2 florins per cup depending on the variety. But the major item for purchase is not tea, but rather tahac. Tahac is a powerful narcotic herb much used on the Rathurbosk. It is outlined in The Herbal of the Holy Order of Sycrata, but I have included the relevant game information here as well.

For 2d10 minutes after smoking the persons insight is increased (+1 to Intelligence), but for 1d4 hours after this, a state of distortion ensues and the recipient's Intelligence and Psychic Talent drop by 2 from their normal levels. Prolonged use causes the user to collapse into an almost dreamlike trance. Tahac is highly addictive and should be used with care. It can cause overdose, the possibility of which is outlined below, along with the effects of addiction.

Chance of Overdose If a 20 is rolled on the ability check when administering this herb, the recipient will overdose. Overdose will also occur if tahac is smoked more than once in a 24 hour period. Anyone who overdoses will become insane. See pages 124-126 of Dragon Warriors for details on insanity.

Addiction and Withdrawal

Addiction may occur if tahac weeds are smoked more than once in a two week period. The chance of addiction begins at one in six, but increases by a further one in six each time the herb is used during that two week period.

A tahac addict is extremely lethargic, and finds it very hard to get excited or involved about anything, except another dose of the herb. Their Intelligence and Psychic Talent scores are 1 point lower than normal unless they have smoked tahac in the previous two days. An addict experiencing withdrawal will smoke the herb at any opportunity, unless they make a successful check versus Psychic Talent. A successful check allows them to suppress the craving for 2d6 hours, although they still suffer the Intelligence and Psychic Talent penalties.

Recovery From Addiction

A tahac addict who manages to do without the herb for more than a month will no longer suffer the Intelligence and Psychic Talent penalties, although they will still use the herb at any opportunity unless they make their Psychic Talent check as described above. At this stage, though, a successful save will suppress the craving for 1d4 days. If an addict manages to go an additional 2 months (a total of 3 months) without the herb they will no longer experience this craving. Any use of the herb, after being addicted, will instantly readdict the person.

The tea house is run by Greebo, an elderly man with dark skin and pale green eyes. He is a quiet man and is often in the dreamlike state created by his product.

90. Veterinarian
Erik specialises in the smaller animals typically found as pets on the bridge, but is capable with livestock as well.

91. Tailor
Samarka is a master tailor and dressmaker – her creations are especially prized as wedding dresses.

92. Wineshop
Ofa imports wines and mead for sale in bottles only – an attempt to sell glasses to a local market lead to a dispute with Gutmooto, and the Bridge Authorities backed the owner of the Flynt Ridd.

93. Kylia the Weaponsmith
Kylia is a master Weaponsmith in terms of ability, although her sex means she is not formally acknowledged as such by the Guilds that control such matters in Kurland – they do not object to her working, they just will not allow her to call herself a Master. She can manufacture any type of metal armour. Her work tends to decorative, with the cost reflecting the degree of decoration. Her brother, Geoniner, is a weaponsmith (78) and they often work together to produce matched sets of weapons and armour for those with the money for such frippery. Kylia knows the laws concerning weapons on the Bridge, and her fine pieces will only be sold on the basis that they are collected when a customer leaves the bridge. But she does make deliberately plain but functional weapons, which she will sell at twice normal cost to those who are willing to pay, allowing them to take them out the door without asking any questions.

94. Chendash the Lawyer
This small, and neat house bears a bronze representation of the Scales of Justice above the door. Chendash is a young lawyer - only about 22 and only recently qualified. Nonetheless what he lacks in experience he has in knowledge of the Law and court procedure. If Chendash is representing someone in a court case he will add (1d20-5)% to their chance of winning the case. This variance occurs because of his relative inexperience. He is relatively cheap, costing but 8 florins a day to retain and because of his proximity to the Watchhouse he is the lawyer that the guard is most likely to summon to deal with prisoners who have expressed no preference. He will arrange for the character or his friends to have access to people they may wish to bribe but will play no part in the proceedings himself and will not accept payment for it.

95. School
The Rathurbosk has a policy of educating all its children to be literate and multilingual. Indeed over 90% of the adult population is able to read and write and a substantial number speak Beaulangue and Elleslandic to at least intermediate level, in addition to being fluent in their native Kurlish. The school is a two story building which all children of the Bridge (including those of people staying on the Rathurbosk more than one month) must attend six mornings a week until their fourteenth birthday – unless enrolled in the school outside the wall.

Adults may attend the school in the evenings for the purpose of learning the Classic script for a cost of but one Florin per lesson. As per Dragon Warriors, p197, it takes approximately six months of daily lessons to master the Classic script.

96. Wuthorde the Glassblower

97. Watchhouse

This is a plain brick building with no windows and only one door. Inside are rows and rows of cells each capable of holding four prisoners. This is the place where prisoners are held for brief periods - either until they sleep off a drinking binge, are awaiting trial, or awaiting a flogging or execution.

The Watchhouse is naturally guarded by members of the Rathurbosk Guard. The guard force normally consists of 1 squad.

All prisoners have the right to see a Lawyer and the Guards will arrange this for a small fee (5 florins). This is on top of the Lawyers normal fees.

98. Ernanse the Spice Merchant

99. Execution Square
This open area is dominated by the cartwheel used for executions. There is also a framework is used to tie people to in order to be flogged.

100. Store House
This stone building is guarded by a squad of the Guard at all times wearing chain mail and carrying swords. It is where weapons surrendered at the gate are stored until the owners reclaim them.

101. Baron of Nordag's Townhouse
The lands immediately to the south of the Bridge, for a distance of about twenty miles and to the west and east for about fifteen miles respectively, are the feudal domain of the Barons of Nordag. Technically this includes the village on the south side of the Bridge, and the Baron of Nordag maintains a house here to assert his claim. He is not overly assertive, and in return the people of the Bridge have not made any formal efforts to deny his claims – although no revenues are paid to the Baron by those who live in the village, it is not allowed to grow too large.

102. Febeleth the Spice Merchant

103. Ruined Temple
The ruins of an Old Temple to the Selentine Gods.

104. Mill
A windmill operated by Meyer the Miller for the grinding of flour for the surrounding community.

105. Fishmonger
The fish sold here is exceptionally fresh, being hauled up in baskets from fishing boats that dock at a small pier at the base of the cliffs far below the bridge. Zarkas the Dwarf runs this business. He is also the Priest at the Dwarven Hall.

106. Arena
This is the only place in town where duels may be legally fought. If a duel is desired, both parties must go the High Court and petition the High Justice for permission to fight. This will normally be given. After permission has been received, the law requires two days grace in the hope matters will be resolved peacefully. Notices are posted throughout the bridge informing people of the duel, and when it is held a sizeable crowd will normally gather to witness the duel. The Rooks own the building and charge 1 florin per person for entry and up to 1000 people can potentially be held inside. It is nearly always possible to lay bets on the outcome of a duel.

Persons fighting a duel are permitted to obtain their weapons from the Bridge Guard for the duration of the duel. If a person is killed or injured in a legally arranged duel, no sanctions exist against the other participant.

107. Market Square
Full of canvas stalls that can be rented for a florin a day from the Market Master by various itinerant sales people and farmers. People can have a long term presence in the market but move from stall to stall at least once a week.

108. Public Bath and Training Hall
This is one of the newest large constructions in the area of the Bridge – and is considered quite scandalous by many. Though the old Baths on the Bridge allow mixed bathing in one of their areas, this place requires it in all of its facilities – as well as compulsory nudity in most activities. It is owned and operated by Boonhildegard, a tall and muscular Mercanian woman (and 6th Rank Barbarian) who came with her husband Gworan (owner of the Stables at 115) and has become disgusted at what she sees as the unfitness of these southerners and wants to correct this problem. There are cold water baths, and training areas inside the building.

Representations from the Church of St Petrov have recently lead Boonhildegard to slightly moderate her position on compulsory intermingling of the sexes – the boys and girls of the Gymnasium Petrovium (121) and those of the orphanage (132) have segregated use of her facilities for one morning a week (so occupying four mornings) in exchange for her being allowed to train them in her brand of physical education.

109. Capellar Chapter House

A chapter house for the Order of Knights Cappellar under the command of Sir Gedrey Marshmore. It provides accommodation for any travelling Knights – it is not uncommon for Knights to travel into Krarth for various reasons.

110. Fortuneteller
There is a wooden sign shaped like a star and coloured silver hanging above the door of this residence. Inside lives Madrigal Merdeson, a 3rd Rank Air Elementalist with an interest in Astrology and Astronomy. Her astronomical knowledge is profound, and at the GMs discretion, she may have some ability at predicting the future. Such ability, if it exists, will be vague and imprecise.

111. Last Chance Stables
The stables will take and care for any horses brought onto the Rathurbosk for a fee of 3 florins per day – can be paid daily. The Stable Master is the Dwarf Dregnod.

112. Tailor
Basic clothing sold cheap by an elderly lady named Metel. Also does repairs.

113. The Red Place
A red lamp hangs in the doorway of this building. This is a brothel. Without going into unnecessary detail, girls (and men) of various skill and ability work within at prices ranging from r florins upwards. There is a risk of disease associated with this place. Each patron has a 1% chance per 'experience' of contracting a disease identical to the Pox and a 8% chance of contracting a disease similar to the Ague (see Dragon Warriors, p126 for details of disease.) Symptoms will not develop for 5d6 days. Unlike the Rook controlled establishment (The Elm Tree) on the Bridge, this place is unscrupulous when it comes to issues like slavery and abuse. Rumours are around that say the only reason it is able to function is that it is partly owned by Baron Nordag (101).

114. Dwarven Hall
The Dwarven Hall is a temple to the Dwarven Religion. No non-Dwarf can easily gain access although the Priest (Zarkas the Fishmonger) will allow entry if convinced there is a good enough reason, or if requested by a lawful authority. The mysteries of the Dwarven beliefs are for another time and place.

115. Stables
The stables will take and care for any horses brought onto the Rathurbosk for a fee of 2 florins per day (paid by the week and in advance - any unused monies will be refunded). The Stable Master is Gworan, a Barbarian Warrior (6th Rank) now in retirement.

116. Blacksmith
This sizeable establishment in the hands of Master Smith Wimmer, and his five apprentices turns out all the standard iron goods needed by a community – except for shoeing horses. Wimmer is deathly afraid of horses after almost being killed when overrun by cavalry in his younger days as a soldier.

117. Galabar the Horse Doctor
Phinea Galabar is a veterinarian who specialises in the problems of horses, but she can handle other animals as well. Her husband handles two legged patients nearby.

118. Galabar the Man Doctor
Ned Galabar is a decent physician and basic surgeon, the husband of Phinea. They do work together on special cases, something that they keep quiet as it might tend to upset people.

119. The Rareboar
A decent tavern and inn known for its fine spit-roasted pork, although other meats are available, and its fine ales. Space on the Common Room floor can be had for but a 1 pennies a night, or 2 pennies with straw to lie on. The most expensive rooms are the six suites that cost a Crown a night and can accommodate up to eight people in great comfort. They have running water, baths, and heating facilities and also room service. There are also a dozen smaller double rooms costing 3 florins a night. They have basic washing facilities and shared privies at the end of the hall.

120. Storage
A warehouse owned by Wimmer the Smith (116). It can be rented for a crown a week, on condition that no horses are stored within.

121. The Gymnasium Petrovium
This is a school – a boarding school established about 100 years ago for the education of wealthy children. The Rathurbosk was already known as a place of learning due to its requirement that all youngsters learn to read and write, and this school was built to capitalise on that reputation. It takes both boys and girls from ages eight to eighteen – mostly the sons and daughters of gentry and merchant families of Kurland, but with a handful from further afield, and day students from the Bridge are welcome if parents are willing to pay a fee of a Crown a week for six days instruction a week, or if they can convince the school to give them a rare scholarship. The current Master of the School is Klembard Fortan.

122. Handermans Haulage
This company, which has branches in many towns and cities across Kurland, provides haulage of large goods at a fee of one penny a mile per cart (security, five florins a day extra). The local branch is in the hands of Borf Handerman.

123. Hidesmith
This business is run by Tamwor the Tanner.

124. Weaver
Erge the Weaver produces heavy bulk cloth.

125. Cartwright
Manufacturer and repairer of carts – Mistress Daphuntia of the Rathurbosk

126. Stone Mason
Master Mason Amrir Formak owns this business. He carries out most of the stone working in the area. He is a member of, and representative of the Steenverkers of Kurland, if larger scale work is needed than can be done by him and his three apprentices.

127. Scholarly Supplies
Nanulvell the Scholar sells all the items another scholar may need – ink, parchment, etc, all the way up to being able to provide what is necessary to build a laboratory. He can also bind books.

128. Dairy
Galduin can provide milk from cows and goats, and other dairy products.

129. Laundry
The Dwarf Palascon is obsessively perfectionist about the laundry service he provides. He is cheap and reliable, but also scathing in his views of those who allow their clothing and linen to become too dirty.

130. Monumental Mason
The primary business here is the manufacture of tombstones by Istard of Selentium, an ex-Crusader.

131. The Sudden Dawn
A good basic tavern and inn – simple, filling meals, and clean beds in small rooms at 3 florins a night for a double (the innkeeper, Klas, will not worry if people try to squeeze three into a room) or two pennies a night for a straw pallet in the common room.

132. Orphanage
Run by the Sisters of the Charity of Gatanedes, this orphanage provides accomodation for children who have nowhere else to go. The children attend the school on the Bridge (the Gymnasium is occasionally persuaded to take on a very bright child) and the Sisters work to get their charges apprenticeships at the age of 14. A number of prominent people on the Bridge spent time in this orphanage and it is well provided for.

133. Stables and Knackers Yard
This stables does not provide temporary accomodation for horses, but purchases and sells horses. It will buy anything, because it can always be turned into dog meat. The horses it sells tend to be cheap, but in not particularly good condition.

134. Old Faith Temple
The Rathurbosk has a tradition of tolerance for adherents of the Old Faith (a Legend analogy of Judaism, as the True Faith may be considered analagous to Christianity, and Ta'ashim to Islam). This Temple is one of the oldest surviving in the lands of northern Legend, and is treated with respect by nearly all people.

135. Blade Sharpener
Ter the Tinker provides knife sharpening services and basic repairs out of this shop.

136. Butcher and Slaughterhouse
Run by Ardicard the Lame. Who is also the Executioner and Flogger for the Bridge. People value his work but he is not well liked. He is, secretly, a fourth rank Assassin – and he enjoys all his work.

137. Assay Office
The nearby mountains are known for their mineral wealth. The Assay Office is owned by Baron Nordag, and provides a way of having the purity of minerals assessed. It also allows for the registration of claims with Kurland.

138. Grame the Carpenter
This is the residence and workshop of Grame, a master carpenter. It is open seven days an eight day week from dawn to dusk and is the place to go if the PCs need items made of wood.

139. The Mute Troubador
This is the local tavern for the residents of the village south of the Bridge. Travellers are welcome but it does not provide accomodation, merely a place for people to get together and drink ale, wine, spirits, milk from the dairy, and eat a good meal together of an evening. Singing for money is not permitted within this tavern – wandering minstrels can wander elsewhere.

140. House of Temperance
This building serves fruit juices and milk but no spiritous liquors. Rooms are available for the night at 1 florin for a double room. Men and women are only allowed to share a room if they can provide evidence they are married or closely blood related (brother and sister, father and daughter, etc). Operated by a stern woman named Mistress Harker – who is generally said to be a witch, although what type of witch goes unsaid.

141. Undertaker
A small but necessary business run by a tall thin man called Hurgatroyd. He inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his father – 'meeting Master Hurgatroyd' is a common way to refer to death on the Bridge and in the village. Master Hurgatroyd is known for his insistence that everybody is entitled to a decent burial, and is believed to be responsible for the disappearance of bodies of executed criminals from the breaking wheel on the night before the Sabbath, if they have not already been claimed.

142. The Apple Tree
A cheap tavern and inn that serves basic meals and basic beer. Space on the Common Room floor can be had for but a penny a night. There are also ten rooms costing 4 florins a night that can sleep up to six people. The privies are outside the main building – unusual on the Rathurbosk, but considering their stench, probably not a bad thing.

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