This page exists so I can make available some the scenarios I have written, or in some cases, co-written for Dragon Warriors. Each year I generally run at least one Dragon Warriors scenario at a convention held here in Melbourne.

It is important to note that these were designed as convention scenarios - to be run within a short timeframe (typically three hours). While people are free to adapt them (for their own use and those of their groups - please do not share your adaptations online without asking for permission), they may not slot easily into a particular campaign - they are not really intended to be generic scenarios. They have also been written specifically for the person running them (normally me) and may not contain as much detail at times, as you might expect from a commercial scenario. There may also be formatting errors - I had not really intended to share these adventures until I was repeatedly asked to do so, and I don't have the time at the moment to spend editing them.

Most of my convention Dragon Warriors games fall into a framework referred to as 'The Springdale Chronicles'. They follow on from each other, although they stand alone. They make use of characters based on passages in the Dragon Warriors rulebook. Character sheets for these characters are included on this page, but obviously, if you do adapt them you are not obliged to use these characters. Your games are your own.

Because they were never intended to be shared, there's also a possibility some may contain fragments of other people's material, used without permission (I have often grabbed materials off websites etc, to use as an aid to my GMing). If you see that, let me know, and I will correct it.

The Night Is More Than Darkness

My scenario for GenCon 2020 can be downloaded here.

The Springdale Chronicles

The Characters

Sir Turquin Grensham/Baron Turquin of Springdale

Baron Turquin - Character Sheet

Sir Sagris of Igham

Sir Sagris - Character Sheet

Anarchos of Baruth

Anarchos - Character Sheet

Sir Goriel of Baruth

Sir Goriel - Character Sheet


Merek - Character Sheet

Lars the Long

Lars - Character Sheet

Owain the Gamekeeper

Owain - Character Sheet

The Huthbert Chronicles

Damian May, who also runs Dragon Warriors games at conventions here in Melbourne, has asked if I will host some of his games here for download as well. I am delighted to do so.

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