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 Post subject: Character Sheets.
PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:08 am 
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Please repost all sheets here.

co-author Fury of the Deep
co-author Friends or Foes
co-author Dragon Warriors Players Guide
co-author Cold Fury
co-author Cadaver Draconis
co-author Ordo Draconis 1 and 2.

 Post subject: Re: Character Sheets.
PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:27 am 
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10th Rank
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Profession: Barbarian
Prince Kuublu Oublu
Profession: Mungodan Cavalryman/Knight/Ritter
Rank: 3
181118 now 4th rank

str 9
ref 9
int 13 (14 fruit)
psy 7 (8 fruit)
lks 13 (14 fruit)

Health Points (15): 6
171216 9
171219 5
171219 7
171226 13
180227 Skeleton club 10
180313 healed 2 12
180511 fin 14
180825 horned by zombie 9
180830 healed 14
180912 poison cloud 9
180922 healed 3 apres wasting Darjan 12
181104 slashed by buzwe 8
181104 healed by Chimera 10
181105 rank up 11
190602 Healed up ready for brain eaters 15
190612 shoulder chewed off 8
190616 arterial bleeding 7
190712 healed up 15
191127 smacked in ribs 10
200818 touched by a frosty chick 5
200828 12 bit of duct tape and safety pins....
200830 10 falling rock
201216 5 smacked by another rock
201217 12 spit and polish

Attack: 16 (17 with spear or javelin) 18*
Defence: 10 11*
Magical Defence: 6
Evasion: 4
Stealth: 14
Perception: 6

Buffalo skin sack with straps
3 torches
Flint and tinder
rope 10m
bundle to Kuublu, " There is a smaller package inside for my wife the rest id the requisitions and reports."

dagger, hilt encrusted with five large cut diamonds.

Legal scrolls from the tomb

Spear of Queen Ndar (2d4+1, 5)*
Dagger (d4,3)
Javelin (d8,4)
Javelin (d8,4)

solid ebony wood shield engraved with figures of fierce warriors and polished to a high sheen.
Stripped down 'hard leather' armour/rhinoceros skin AF2
200808 supplemented with 'Hyena bone' and now AF3
" Nandi......the locals call it Kerit.
Silver bell

Kuublu's Donkey - given to Edo for Malims medical expenses
Carpet - gift from merchant - given to wise woman for snakebite treatment
Donkey found at bottom of cliff x - given to Chiemeka for scrolls
a handful of fonio grains, - given to etwa
a simple iron ploughshare, - given to etwa
silver and ebony circlet studded with moonstones, - given to the fort commander for escorts for the 2 admins to Malim

Gold 20 after looting buzwe
5 after paying Malim for expenses

Silver 8
Copper 37

Urukas gold 38.5 chunks for kingdom building / taxed.

Wagandan: Fluent, no literacy

Weapon mastery: Javelin
Weapon mastery: Spear

Noble Authority
Empowered by the authority of their patron—be it a noble, the king or the church—He holds a privileged place in feudal society. This authority will be conveyed by form of physical document or object that affirms the PCs status. Raises the PCs perceived status by 1. - See ANCESTRAL DAGGER above

The PC is able to maintain a composed and focused bearing under pressure, without displaying any outward signs of being flustered or disturbed. Furthermore, the PC is unaffected by Morale Checks and those of a lesser Rank accompanying the PC add +1 to their Rank when making Morale checks.

Navigator - Land
With access to an open sky the character may determine their course and approximate location to within 15 miles by rolling under their Intelligence score.

Kuublu's family had a lot of contact over the centuries since back in the time of the Selentine. For generations they formed the Mungodan cavalry that fought in an earlier age. Since then the noble titles have been passed on to successive generations. Kuublu is 17th of 49 children, the 2nd son of the 4th wife and thus has a noble title which is not recognized 5 miles from his ancestral lands. Many of his brothers and cousins are dispersed and introductions and announcements can take 10 minutes as he recites his origins. Has a perfect recollection of oral ancestries and can discuss and relate to distant cousins 5 generations apart.

given to the messenger:
Ancestral Dagger (d4,3) (decorated with colourful tropical bird feathers, leopard teeth, lion skin and two leather orbs hanging off it, a symbol of extreme masculinity and refinement that impresses those who recognize it)

5'6", 190lbs, Kuublu grew up well provided for, and it shows. During his time he was well rehearsed in ancestral histories and above average recollection for recalling the ancient myths and legends. He also has a pleasant demeanor and able to make friends easily. Carries two javelins and a ebony wood shield engraved with figures of fierce warriors and polished to a high sheen.


And so the show begins!!!
https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dwp ... ssages/640

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 Post subject: Re: Character Sheets.
PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:35 am 
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7th Rank
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Location: Oxfordshire, UK
Profession: Elementalist
Profession: Sorcerer
Rank: 4

: 7
Reflexes: 10 (+1 from apples)
Intelligence: 12
Psychic Talent: 14 (+2 from apples)
Looks: 9

Health Points (6): 6
Magic Points (16): 13

Attack: 11
Defence: 6
Magical Attack: 19
Magical Defence: 9
Evasion: 3
Stealth: 14
Perception: 6

Lantern, flint-and-tinder
Dagger (d4, 3)
Ebony staff (d6, 3)
Leather necklace (from Aunt Nansi) ( Protection against Mother of Moons Mental Control.)
Bloodstained shield (from Kuublu)
Pouch of herbs
Pouch of green gems
Bag of wind
Ebony & silver warthog staff


20 F
20 G

Level 1 spells
Fire of Horirem (Dragonbreath)
Deception of Suty (Image)
Blessing of Aset (Lesser Healing)
Light of Hons (Moonglow)
Apitus’s Gateway (Portal)
Sebak’s Wasting (Weaken)

Level 2 spells
Vision of Amynus (Detect Aura)
Protection of Aset (Hold off the Dead)
Sebak's Dart (Inflict Wound)
Eyes of Amynus (Peer)
Tendrils of Neb-nofre (Tangleroots)
Aset's Charm (Warding)

Level 3 spells
Feast of Neb-Nofre (Banquet)
Marker of Hons (Beacon)
Command of Nekht-khem (Command)
Boon of Aset (Greater Healing)
Suty's Deceit (Illusion)
Minions of Enuba (Wolfcall)

Level 4 spells
Cleansing of Aset (Antidote)
Taint of Sebak (Curse)
Sebak's Blight (Disease)
Wisdom of Amynus (Oracle)
Kuk's Lash (Shadowbolt)
Aset's Barrier (Wall of Magic)

[Native tongue]: Fluent
Wagadan: Fluent
A number of forest people dialects and languages: Basic
Ancient Kaikahuran (Qemor hieroglyphics; Intermediate)

Chiemeka was born into the labouring people of his tribe, a class effectively owned by the Tribal Ruler. His parents covered up the inauspicious birthmark on his left shoulder as long as they could, but when he entered the workforce at the age of 9, it soon came to the attention of the Elders. When they discovered that the boy was also left-handed, he was decreed to be cursed by the gods, and banished from the village. The child would surely have died had he not stumbled across a strange obelisk in the jungle. On touching the obelisk, Chiemeka heard ancient spirits speaking to him, telling them that he was Chosen One of the god Aset, an Ancient Kaikahuran deity of healing. The spirits gave Chiemeka the ability to heal people, to find his way in the dark, and to protect himself against enemies by force and trickery. They also guided him to magical waters that could heal and increase strength. By studying the symbols on the obelisk, he was even able to make some headway in understanding the strange language of the ancients. Since then, Chiemeka has wandered the jungles and forests of Mungoda, protecting and healing where he can, in the name of the goddess who saved his life as a child, but always moving on before his strange magics condemn him to death as a witch or demon.

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 Post subject: Re: Character Sheets.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:05 pm 
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Profession: Warlock
Profession: Warlock/ entertainer
Rank: 4

Strength: 16
Reflexes: 13
Intelligence: 11
Psychic Talent: 13
Looks: 8

Health Points (13): 13
Magic Points (8): 8

Attack: 17 (+2 str) 20 with morning star
Defence: 12 (+1 Str/Ref/+1 Poise) 15 with morning star
Magical Attack: 16 (+1PT)
Magical Defence: 9 (+1PT)
Evasion: 5 (+1 Ref/+1 Poise)
Stealth: 16 (+1 Ref/+1 Poise)
Perception: 6

Skills and Abilities:
Weapon Groups
(Weapon Group 1: Mace, Flail, Morning Star)
(Weapon Group 6: Bow)
Simultaneous Casting
Path: Entertainer (Disguise, Poise)
Smite: When the PC rolls a Critical Hit, in addition to the normal benefits, he can immediately take a second attack.

Rank 1 Spells:
- Seeing Eyes (Eyes of Night)
- Cure Wounds (Heal Injury)
- Evil Claws (Imperil)
- Detect Magic (Perception of Sorcery)
- Warrior Friend (Silent Warrior)

Rank 2 Spells:
- Hide of the Chameleon (Camoflague)
- Courage Heart (Fearlessness)
- Luck (Fortune)
- Knowledge of the Ancient (Inquiry)
- Call of Danger (Warning)

Rank 3 Spells:
- Cloak of Shadow (Deceit)
- Strength of the Ancestors (Enhancement)
- Power of Chaos (Havok)
- Pretence (Illusion)
- Power of the Mind (Telekinesis)

Rank 4 Spells:
- Spirit Guardians (Aegis)
- Snake-brother (Neutralise Toxin)
- Ancestors Wisdom (Oracle)
- Twist the Heart (Turncoat)
- Blood-Rush (Vitality)

Lantern, flint-and-tinder
Riding Ass
Obe (Dagger) (d4+2, 5)
egun egungun (Skull-crusher) ( Morning Star) (d6+3, 8)
Shield (parry 1 on 6)
Rhino hide breastplate. AF 2

138 Florins

Wagandan (Native tongue)

A powerful youth with black curly hair, dark-skinned, pearly white teeth. He is lithe and moves with the grace of an leopard. Due to a childhood illness, he has some scars on his face which makes him appear ugly to some but he is always ready to help people around him. Here in the rainforests of Mungoda, under the huge broadleafed trees and thick undergrowth, in the wet unrelenting sweltering heat, he is in his element. This is home.

ikanṣo is a descendant of a long line of warrior mages on the border of the inner east of the Wagadou Empire.. As a little boy, Uruka asked his parents to teach him battle magicks and to use a bow and egun-egun which became his signature weapons. They helped him explore, discover and develop his powers. Upon the passing of his parents, he took over the heirlooms of his bloodline- a bonecrushing morning star used by his father and a dagger that his mother wielded. Now, he departs, seeking new adventure and to crush darkness where ever it is found.

2018-04-23 00:55:13 Health points 1d6 6
2018-04-23 00:52:36 Firestar76 Dragon warriors Damien campaign Primary stats 5#3d6 10 13 12 11 9

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 Post subject: Re: Character Sheets.
PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:04 pm 
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Profession: Knave
Jaafan - Rank 4 Barbarian
XP - 90/130

Age - 21

STR - 12
REF - 10
INT - 11
PSY - 10
LKS - 8

HP - 18/18

Attack - 17 (18 with spear)
Defense - 9
Magical Attack - N/A
Magical Defense - 7

Evasion - 5
Stealth - 14
perception - 6

Move Speed - 10m/round

Hippo Hide Shield (volucreth camp)

Volucreth Machete ( d8, 4)
Spear (2d4, 4)

Dagger (d4, 3)(volucreth camp)

Track - You can roll to track prey across terrain. Roll 1d20 under Perception

Berserk - Add 1 point to attack for every 3 points removed from defense

Weapon skill: spear - +1 Attack when using a spear

Unarmed Combat - When using Unarmed combat, roll 1d6 for AB, and deal 3 points of damage

Climbing - Subtract half your rank (rounding down) from the difficulty of any climb check. (2)

Iron Constitution - Immune to knock outs in melee combat, and remains conscious down to -2 hp. Can also survive without food or water for 50% longer than normal characters.

Dirty Fighting - On a successful attack roll, instead of a normal effect cause one of the following effects.
• Throw sand/dust in the opponent’s eyes and Blind him for 1d4 rounds.
• Loosen the opponent’s armor fastenings, to reduce his Armour Factor by 1.
• Knock an opponent prone.
• Maneuver an opponent into a position of tactical penalty. -1 Attack and Defense.
• Other effects which may be determined by clever players and GMs.

Other Equipment
Backpack(volucreth camp)
Lantern(volucreth camp)
Flint-and-tinder(volucreth camp)

Coins(volucreth camp)
0 Gold Coins
19 Silver coins
0 Copper Pieces

Background Stuff

Parents - Carpenter

Nationality - South Western Jungle Tribe, Ungor Tribe

Religious beliefs - Honor the forest spirits (and by extension any nature spirits present in whatever terrain he is in.)

Languages -
Ungoran - tribal dialect - Fluent
Wagandan - Fluent


Background Details -
The names of the Ungor tribe folk hold deep significance. At birth they are refereed to simply by their role. A child is called son by his parents, student by his mentors, whelp by his disciplinarians, and so on.Any confusion this breeds among children swiftly teaches them the lesson of tribal unity, that each of them is a singular part of a larger whole, and that the whole is the more significant body. When a child completes their coming of age ceremony, this ceremony ends with the child declaring the name they have chosen for themselves to the rest of the tribe, and stating what profession they would prefer.

All men and women of Jaafan's tribe are warriors, but not all are singularly warriors. In fact, only the strongest and bravest are tasked solely with warfare, these are the Chieftain's Guard. This guard is a small group (the Ungor tribe is itself small and mostly inconsequential) of fighters who have proven themselves so strong in the art of war that the chieftain has personally selected them for the role. They are stern, analytical, determined individuals, each capable of defeating the armies of larger tribes alone. Working together they form the center of any gathered martial force.

Of course, there is no dishonor in not being selected for this service. Indeed, all members of the tribe are skilled fighters, and the more peaceful tasks are seen to be just as necessary to the tribe's survival. Certainly the Guard could not defend the Chieftain without shields, food, and shelter, and they never perfected the skills necessary to create such things. As such, Jaafan's father, Kasim (Controller of Anger), is respected as a skilled carpenter, a hefty task among a tribe of folk who worship the spirits of the jungle in which they live. However, Jaafan inherited the fire of his father's heart, and where his father tamed the heat of his temper, Jaafan has always leaned more toward riding the swell of fury inside him. As a child Kasim attempted to teach the boy control, but Jaafan felt the power of his rage was an advantage and he stoked the fire within himself. He became determined to be known among his people as so determined and powerful that he was chosen as a member the Chieftain's Guard.

Though he was not the strongest, fastest, or most clever child of the tribe, the other tribes folk could not fault his determination and persistence. When the beating doled out during a training match would have incapacitated the other children, Jaafan refused to stay down. While some warriors of the tribe see this as a good thing, more tempered minds believe that such behavior will lead to an inevitable and grisly death.

At the end of his coming of age ceremony, the boy turned to the gathered tribe and proudly declared his name, "Small River". His size was not impressive, but his determination would wipe away mountains and dig great valleys within the earth itself. He also declared that he wished to become a "Far Stalker", roving the lands, learning of the world, and destroying any foe he might come across.

In discussions between the Chieftain and Kasim, it was decided that Jaafan's anger would not allow him to serve in any of the more settled tribal roles, and the Jaafan, a newly recognized adult, was given permission to take on the role of "Far Stalker". As he left the tribe, most who saw him go fully expected to never see the warrior again, but the Small River was as determined as he had ever been, and he would wash away the mountain of the world and return to become one of the Chieftain's Guard.

Jaafan is a short young man, but while many of his kin are stout and thick, Jaafan would be described at home as lean. In a more general sense his body is of average thickness, but he still feels self conscious about his "gangly" limbs. His dark umber skin covers a muscular form, but little covers his skin. His torso and chest are bare except for the straps that carry his shield, dagger, and spear. A hide strap wraps around his head to keep his dark coffee hair from falling forward in to his face. his waist and hips are shrouded by cloth that protects his modesty while being loose enough to allow the full range of movement.

His mood and expression are fluid and temperamental. One moment he will be furious and the next he will be boisterously happy, though in combat he tends more toward enraged than any other mood.

 Post subject: Re: Character Sheets.
PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 9:31 am 
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Posts: 38
Profession: Elementalist








9. SPEAR (2d4, 4)
10. BOW (D6, 4)
12. DAGGER (D4, 3)

 Post subject: Re: Character Sheets.
PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:27 am 
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Profession: Knight
Name : Chastu

Race: Human
Profession: Knight (Mungodan)
Rank: 4
Experience: 104

Strength: 12 (14)
Reflexes: 5 (6)
Intelligence: 10
Psychic Talent: 10
Looks: 9

Attack: 15
Defence: 8
Magical Defence: 6
Evasion: 2
Stealth: 13
Perception: 6

Movement: 10m (20m)

Health Points: 16

Armour Factor 1 – (see magical tattoo) / large hardwood shield

Professional Skills:
Intimidating (PG117)
Fearless (PG 117)
Track (p63)

Shortsword ( d8, 3)
Dagger ( d6, 3)
The Blue Scarab – magic talisman p 142

Parents' Class: Nobility
Literate: Yes Wagandan spoken

A slow measured young Wagandan minor noble, Chastu has been sent from the capital as reinforcements. He’s now trying to locate Prince Kuublu . Slowly. Very slowly. He's enjoying the freedom that being away from home is giving him.

Ritual Scarring

Scarring their bodies according to tribal designs, some peoples of Mungoda are able to imbue their body with a natural Armour Factor. Chastu has a natural AF of 1.
The heat and humidity of Mungoda which make heavier armours rare and uncomfortable have ensured this ritual magic has retained a purpose it gradually lost in northern lands.

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 Post subject: Re: Character Sheets.
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:50 am 
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Profession: Knight
Name: Jafari
Race :Human Profession: Hunter Path: Hooded man
Rank 4 Experience points 90

Str 16
Ref 13
Int 12
Psy 12
Looks 5

Attack 18/ 20with bow
Defence 9
Magic Defence 6
Evasion 6
Stealth 19/ 21in forest
Perception 9/ 11 in forest

Armour +1 crocodile hide
Af 4
Light shield 1 on d6

24 arrows d6 +1 5
Dagger d4,+1,4
Handaxe d4+1,4
2 spears 1 handed d8+1 5
2 handed 2d4+1 5
Blow pipe
10 darts d6, 3

Wooden messkit
7 days rations
Flask of oil
2 empty flasks
Empty sack

20 m rope & grapple
2 quivers

Pouch flint and tinder
Pouch ball of twine
Pouch candle
Pouch piece of chalk

1 gold
8 silver
3 copper

Precise shot
Favoured Terrain Forest +2 stealth & perception
Favorite weapon bow +2 attack
Bowyer and Fletcher

Volucreth understood only fluent
Wagadan fluent

Background Gentry
come from southern mungoda some of  my tribe and myself  got captured by volucreth I spent a 2 or 3 years as a slave and learnt how to understand the language of the volucreth.
Until one day i saw the chance to escape picking up a volucreth arrow that had been left i stabbed my guard  through the eye jumping into a river and drifting down stream i thought every thing was going well until a croc attcked me grievously injured (the croc made a mess of my face) Ochoshi  was watching over me as a larger croc attcked the croc that had me i was pulled from the river. I dont know by who what or how but i awoke in a clearing with some armour made from croc skin with the symbol of Ochoshi on it ( a bow and arrow engraved upon it with a built in necklace of blue beads which are sacred) and the volucreth arrow i travelled back to my family barely recognized but  soon taken in.
  I have since been taken as part of the tithe of warriors to the empire and due to my families high standing and got to know Chastu during that time. Chastu and I spent time as 'rangers' during which I further developed my connection to my patron.
Over the last few years Chastu and I and more recently Bubasti have led men on patrols along the border of the Forest of Storms and other border territories of the Empire and had clashes with kingdoms resisting the Empire, Volucreth scouts and on an eventful occasion a pack of far ranging knife-beaks.

Jafari is a big man standing at somewhere over 6'6" and weighing 120 kg and a physic that looks like it has been carvedout of stone his heavily scarred especially his upper body and face/head look like its been mauled by a crocodile ( which it has) his hair only grows in patches due to scar tissue
Those patches he has are long braided and decorated with volucreth feathers he carries a number of weapons but prefers to use his bow.
Jafari is a loyal companion deeply religious, a driven and motivated man he can be cold hearted with a deep seated hatred of the Volucreth.

20200803_203329-1.jpg [ 123.45 KiB | Viewed 2220 times ]
 Post subject: Re: Character Sheets.
PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:34 am 
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Posts: 15
Location: Somewhere very very well hidden...
Profession: Mystic
Primary Stats - https://orokos.com/roll/849269
Health Points - https://orokos.com/roll/849281
Magic Armor; Magic Weapons; Potions; Amulets; Rings; Cash - https://orokos.com/roll/849282
# of Potions; # of Amulets - https://orokos.com/roll/849284
Which Potion; Which Amulet - https://orokos.com/roll/849937

Name: Toza Akheem
Race: Human
Profession: Assassin
Rank: 4
Experience: 90

Health Points: 10/10
Armor Factor: 2
Cash: 182 florins

Strength: 9
Reflexes: 17
Intelligence: 10
Psychic Talent: 12
Looks: 8

Attack: 17
Defence: 8
Magical Defence: 6
Evasion: 7
Stealth: 22
Perception: 11

  • Climbing x2 (Reduce difficult of climb by full rank.)
  • Jumping (Must have Climbing skill. May leap over any obstacle up to 3m in height given a 5m run-up.)
  • Disguise (Perception vs. Stealth on 2d10 to pass off a general disguise. Check made for every 10min or whenever conversation starts.)
  • Alchemical Techniques (35% chance to create flawed item; Assassin's Lotion, Smoke Jar, Flash Pellets)
  • Armor Piercing (+1 ABR with sword, staff, dagger, shortsword, or throwing spike.)
  • Throwing Needles (d2+1, 2) weapons. May throw up to 3 per round. Short/Medium/Long ranges are 10m/20m/25m.)
  • Inner Sense (DM to roll under Psychic Talent on d20 to detect trap, pit, or obstacle even in darkness.)
  • Light Trance (Requires 1 day. Recovers additional 1d8 HP and has 20% chance to neutralise disease.)

  • backpack
  • staff (d6, 3)
  • sword (d8, 4)
  • bow (d6, 4)
  • quiver containing 6 arrows
  • padded leather armour (AF 2)
  • rope
  • climbing gear
  • hand lantern
  • flint and tinder

Magic Items:
  • Eye of Foreboding (cannot be surprised when below ground in dungeons, caverns, etc.)
  • Potion of Night Vision (see in night as though day. Utter blackness of dungeon seem like twilight. Lasts for two hours.)

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