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Author:  SimonB [ Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Names

Female given Names

Female names usually but not always, end in -ko, which means child. Common female names
include Akiko (Autumn Child), Haruko (Spring Child), Jun’ko, Keiko, Kiyoko, Michiko,
Natsuko (Summer Child), Sachiko, Yoshiko (Good Child) and Yukiko (Snow Child).

Male given Names

Male first names sometimes indicate the order of birth, using the suffix -ro, the counter for sons.
For example, Ichiro (first son), Jiro (second son), Saburo (third son), Shiro (fourth son), Goro
(fifth son) and so on. Other common male names include Hiroshi, Ken and its many variants (Kenji,
Ken’ichi), Yoshi and so forth.

The given name always follows the family name.

Thanks to 'Samurai of Legend'

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