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 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2021 7:42 pm 
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Ma - room
Machi - town
Machi-bugyo - town magistrate
Maho - magic, sorcery, witchcraft
Maho-jutsu - magical arts (sorcery and suchlike)
Mai - dance
Makagoya - hunting arrow
Makizushi - seaweed-wrapped rice
Mame - dried beans
Manno - bamboo rake
Manzai - comedic dance (q.v. kyogen)
Masakari - heavy hand axe (d6, 5)
Matcha - powdered tea used in sado and cha-no-yu
Mato - round archery target
Matoya - blunt, wood-tipped arrow
Matsu - pine
Matsuri - festivals; usually religious in nature
Matsuribayashi - festival music; performed mostly by amateur musicians from among the revellers
Mawashi - belt of a sumotori
Meijin - expert
Meisai-jutsu - concealment
Meiso - meditation
Menkyo - ("License of completion") a certificate indicating a student has achieved proficiency with an art or bugei (martial art).
Menkyo-kaiden - ("License of complete transmission") certificate issued by a ryu, signifying the recipient has learned all that can be taught to them by the soke of a ryu
Menpo - face mask, covering nose, chin and cheeks
Miko - Shinto (or DW equivalent) shrine maiden
Minka - ("houses of the people") a home; everything from a low-ranked samurai's home to a simple farmhouse
Mino - raincoat, made of oiled straw or paper
Miso - soybean paste soup
Misodama - dried miso ball
Mo - red apron-like garment worn by women of the upper classes
Mochi - rice cake
Mokko - carpentry
Momoku - blind
Mon - family or house crest
Monme - measure of weight of silver (about 4 grams)
Monomane - acting
Monshogaku - heraldry
Moso - delusion
Moto - cause, foundation, or basis
Mugon - mute
Mukade - giant centipede (poisonous & aggressive if disturbed, can grow upto 20cm in length)
Mukade-no-doku - giant centipede poison
Mura - village
Myo - name
Myoji - surname

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:15 pm 
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nagamaki - a cross between a naginata and a no-dachi. Essentially, a two-handed sword with an extra long handle. (d10, 5)
nage-yari - a short spear, or javelin. Use stats for javelin (d8, 4)
naginata - a polearm with a long, curved blade. (d10, 5)
naginata-jutsu - skill in using the naginata
nagura toishi - polishing chalk (for blades)
naka - centre, inside
Namahage - regional festival encouraging children to be good. The men dress up in demon-like costumes and go round houses admonishing bad children
namu myoho renge kyo - ("I take my refuge in the Lotus Sutra") a mantra
Nanbanjin - ("Southern Barbarian") Yamatese term for westerners
Nanori - formal adult name
nasu - aubergine
nawa - rope
Nebuta Matsuri - a festival held in summer before harvest to ward off sleepiness, so the work won't suffer
negi - a junior priest in a Shinto (or DW equivalent) shrine; OR an onion
neko - cat
nekode - iron claws of a shinobi. Make unarmed combat (d3, 3)
nimono - boiled vegetables; a stew
ninja - a shinobi
ninjato - a straight sword preferred by shinobi. Also called shinobigatana. (d8, 4)
ninjo - compassion, empathy or humanity
ni-no-maru - second (intermediate) compound in a castle
niso - Buddhist (or DW equivalent) priestess
ni-to ken-jutsu - skill of fighting with two swords
niwa zukuri - gardening
no - plain, field
No - a form of classical theatre. Historically developed in the 15th Century, so a little late for DW... Unless the GM wishes it otherwise.
nobebo - rolling pin
nobori - climbing
nobushi - a bandit
nodachi - large, heavy two-handed sword (d10, 5)
nodowa - gorget (armour piece)
nokogiri - a small hand saw
noren - door curtain
nori - dried sheets of seaweed
norimono - an elaborate, enclosed palanquin; OR a teaching scroll
nossori - plodding, slow
nozoku - a small plate
nunchaku - a small, flail-like weapon sometimes used in training or by some peasants in southern Yamato. Largely ineffective against armoured targets. (d3, 3)
nura - rice husks
nurarihyon - a human-like sea spirit with a very large head. It is considered impossible to catch. (A monster)
nurarihyon ishi - a gemstone found inside a nurarihyon which gives the owner the ability to fly and travel to other worlds.
nuri - lacquer
nuri-no-doku - a poison derived from the sap or bark of the lac tree.
nusubito - common thief

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 10:59 pm 
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obi - belt, sash
O-Bon - the Buddhist (or DW equivalent) Festival of the Dead. Celebrated throughout Yamato.
o-cha - green tea
ochiotoshi - an okuden technique of cutting through an opponent's sword with your own.
o-daiko - huge, two-headed drum made from a single tree trunk
odori - a traditional dance
odoshi - armour lacing
oga - two-man saw
ogama - large, heavy battle kama. Two-handed weapon (d8, 5)
ogi - folding fan
ohashi - chopsticks (also hashi)
ohitsu - cedar rice-serving tub
ojigai - ritual suicide of female buke
okayu - a watery rice gruel; a common food of the elderly, sick and infirm
oke - wooden bucket
okubyo - coward
okuden - ("inner secrets") secret techniques of an art or bugei
okugata-sama - form of address for the wife of a buke or lord
omiki - shrine sake
o-mikoshi - ("sacred cars") sacred palanquin; carries the enshrined kami during festivals
omikuji - small "fortunes", pieces of paper that predict your future. These papers are tied around a tree branch after reading, to make the good fortune come true or to avoid the predicted bad fortune.
omugi - barley, millet
on - a debt of honour or obligation
onagiri - rice ball
oni - demon, supernatural ogre
onmitsu - espionage
onmitsushi - government spy (onmitsu) or execution grounds attendant
onmyodo - Yamatese sorcery
onnogata - male actors who portray female characters
ono - battle axe (d8, 6)
onore - insulting name (implies "you bastard!")
osho - the "king" piece in a game of Shogi
owari - deceased (also shinda)
oyabun - ("parent-role") the head of a criminal organisation
oyakata-sama - form of address for a lord; "honourable lord"

rakkasei abura - peanut oil
raiju - thunder beast (a monster)
reishiki - high society; etiquette
ri - a unit of measurement equal to 2.4 miles (3.9 km)
risshi - senior Buddhist (or DW equivalent) priest
ro - oar
roku - six (6)
rokuro-kubi - goblin head; flying demon heads (a monster)
ronin - ("wave man") an unemployed samurai, a buke not in service to a daimyo
rosoku - pine-resin candle; lasts for 6 toki (12 hours)
ryoko - travelling
ryoshoku - survival
ryu - school, OR tradition, family style of bugei or art, OR a dragon (also tatsu)

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 2:04 pm 
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Sado - The Way of Tea
sageo - scabbard cord
sai - dual-tined truncheon (used to catch an opponent's weapon)
saihai - signalling baton
saimin-jutsu - hypnotism
sakazuki - sake cup
sake - Yamatese rice wine
sake-masu - sake set storage box
-sama - casual honorific, used among friends or equals
samurai - ("one who serves"), member of the warrior caste in service to a daimyo
sanbon nunchaku - three-section staff (a weapon, probably similar in game terms to a flail but used with both hands)
sanjo - mountain castle
san-no-maru - third (outer) compound of a castle
sara-kazoe - a plate-counting female ghost
sasamaki - rice ball wrapped in bamboo leaves
sashimi - thinly-sliced raw fish
sashimono - short banner worn on the back of the armour of a samurai or ashigaru in battle
satori - enlightenment (for Buddhism - or DW equivalent)
satsuma - sweet potato
saya - scabbard
seiro - steaming basket
seishi - a written pledge from a new student to a ryu sensei
senri - one thousand ri; a unit of measurement equal to 2,400 miles (3,900 km)
sensei - a teacher, OR an honorific used for doctors or any highly educated person
seppuku - ritual suicide of the buke caste (involves slitting the stomach)
seri - parsley
Setsubun - matsuri to bring in good fortune
shaken - small, bladed throwing weapons - similar to shuriken (d2, 2) or (d2+1, 2) in the hands of a ninja/shinobi
shaku - a unit of measurement equal to about 1 foot (30cm), OR a unit of volume equal to 18ml
shakuhachi - vertical bamboo flute
shakujo - Buddhist priest's staff (or the equivalent priest in DW)
shanko shuriken - three-pointed shuriken, usually with diamond or leaf-shaped blades. (d2, 2)
shi - four (4), OR death
shichi - seven (7)
shigaku - history
shihan - senior instructor of a ryu
shihanke - master teacher of a ryu
shiho shuriken - four-pointed shuriken looking like four arrows pointing out from the centre (d2, 2)
shiika - poetry
shikiji - oratory
shikoro - nape guard (part of a kabuto)
shima - island
shimata - an expletive approximately equivalent to "damn!" or "oops - look what I did!"
shimenawa - a thickly braided rope, often with suspended zigzag folded paper streamers, stretched around or across something being honoured (Shinto - or DW equivalent)
shinda - dead (also owari)
shinkan - Shinto (or DW equivalent) priest, also kannushi
shinko - piety, OR the main event of a matsuri (religious festival), when mikoshi (sacred palanquins) are paraded through the streets and the crowds celebrate
shinobi - member of a ninjutsu-ryu; practitioner of ninjutsu
shinobigatana - shinobi (ninja) sword; also called ninjato (d8, 4)
shinobi shojoku - shinobi garb
shinshi - bureaucracy
shinten - Shinto (or DW equivalent) traditions and knowledge
Shinto - Japanese shamanistic & polytheistic faith
shirasu - ("white sands") a criminal hearing and sentencing before a magistrate
shishi - Khitan "Foo" lion; their image is often used as a guardian statue of Buddhist temple (or DW equivalent) gates
sho - a unit of measurement equal to 4 inches, OR a unit of volume equal to 1.8 litres, OR a gong
shochu - a potent, unstrained form of sake
sho-daiko - small drums
shogaku - calligraphy
shogi - a board game (akin to chess); imported from Minj via Khita (c. 7th Century AS)
shogi-ban - shogi board; a 9 x 9 grid on a large, heavy piece of wood resembling a butcher's block
Shogun - supreme military ruler (probably later in the DW timeline)
shoiko - straw shoulder bag
shoji - wooden frame or lattice movable walls with translucent paper glued to the lattice or frame
shojiki - honesty
shokubutsu - foodstuffs
shokunin - artisans and craftsmen
shottsuru - pickled fish juice
shoya - soy sauce
shozoku - fashion
shu - a week (10 days)
shuchi - common knowledge (also joshiki)
shugyosha - wandering swordsman; wandering student
shujigaku - rhetoric
shuki - sake pot
shukuba-joro - ("post station trollops") cheap prostitutes who cater to male travellers at post stations
shuriken - one to eight bladed throwing blade (d2, 2)
so - Buddhist (or DW equivalent) priest; also soryo
soba - thick buckwheat noodles
sobo - monks' quarters
sode - shoulder protectors (armour)
sohei - Buddhist (or DW equivalent) warrior priest; also yamabushi
sojo - head priest of a temple; abbot (Buddhism)
soke - head or grandmaster of a ryu; addressed as "sensei"
sokutai - a heavy, black formal court-robe worn by kuge
somen - thin wheat noodles
sori - snow sled, or sledge
soroban - abacus
soryo - Buddhist (or DW equivalent) priest; also called so
sozu - overseer of a Buddhist (or DW equivalent) temple
sudare - bamboo blinds
suigyu - water buffalo
suiji - cooking
suika - watermelon
suikan - kuge garment, which is almost identical in cut to a hariginu, but it is worn inside the hakama, and with the collar open and tied back
suimono - seafood soup
suiron - deduction
-suke - suffix meaning deputy governor
sukebe - lecherous
suki - a tea connoisseur, OR a spade; digging tool
sumai - Yamatese grappling sport linked with many Shinto (or DW equivalent) rites
sumo - see sumai
sumotori - a sumo wrestler, usually of the bonge caste
sun - a unit of measurement equal to about 1.2 inches (3 cm)
suneate - greaves (leg armour)
suribachi - clay mortar with wood pestle
sutra - sacred Buddhist texts or scriptures (or the DW equivalent)
suzuri - ink stone

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:30 pm 
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ta – big, OR rice field (various other meanings too…)
tabi – split-toe socks made from cotton or deerskin; worn by all classes
tachi – curved longsword similar to the katana, but worn blade down (a weapon)
tadon – charcoal
tagasode – sachet, perfumed
Tagata Matsuri – festival of fertility and large phalluses
taido – athletics
taiko – ("great voice") large two-headed drum
taimatsu – torch
tairo – councillor, high ranking member of a samurai clan
taisho – troop commander or general
taka – falcon
take – bamboo
takenoko – bamboo shoots
takeshi – brave
takigi – bonfire; OR a No play preformed at night to the light of bonfires
tako – octopus
tameshi – testing a katana blade on a criminal or a corpse
Tanabata Matsuri – Star Festival
tanpo-yari – padded/wooden practice yari
tanto – large knife with hand guard (d4, 3)
tanto-gata shuriken – short sword or knife-shaped shuriken. A signature weapon of a particular ryu.
tanzaku – poem paper (usually 6cm x 36cm)
tasuke – sleeve tying cord
tatami – straw mat. Tatami are the same size throughout Yamato: six shaku long, three wide, one and half sun thick.
tatsu – dragon (see also ryu)
tazuna – tack and bridle
teisatu – scouting
tekagi – see nekode
teki – enemy
tekko – metal knuckle-dusters
tekugutsu – puppeteer
tenaoshi – massage
tenmongaku – astronomy
tengu – a mountain goblin; half man, half crow (a monster race)
ten-ma – work horse
Tenno Heika – ("His Majesty the Emperor") reference to the Emperor
tenshu – main tower, or keep, of a castle
tenugui – towel
ten’yaku – herbalism
tesaki – hired policeman’s assistant, usually hinin
tessen – iron-ribbed folding fan
tetsu-bin – kettle
tetsubo – heavy metal-studded war club; two-handed (d8, 5)
tetsu-nabe – cast iron pot
tetsutabi – metal tabi
to – east
tobari – see jinmaku
tofu – soy bean curd
togari-ya – pointed arrow for armour piercing
togi – sword polishing (a skill)
toki – one Yamatese hour (120 minutes)
tokkuri – sake flask, holds 0.18 litres
tokonoma – a special alcove in a room, containing a seasonally appropriate hanging scroll, flower arrangement, or a sword rack
tonfa – baton with a side handle, can be used either as a club (d3, 3) or to block melee weapons as a shield
tono – form of address for a lord, suffixed as –dono ("sire"). May be used as a polite form of address amongst equals
tora – tiger
torii – a gateway to a shrine or other sacred Shinto (or DW equivalent) precinct
tori-oi – falconry
toro – stone lantern
tosani – rice with bamboo and fish
tsuba – hilt, often decorated
tsukedaru – wooden pickling tub
tsukemono – pickled vegetables
tsuki mi dango – rice-flour dumpling with bean paste filling
tsura – bowstring
tsuri – fishing
tsuru-maki – bowstring holder

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 11:14 am 
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uchi-desi - initiate in a ryu; new or prospective student
uchikake - woman's over-kimono
uchiki - shy
uchimono - forged weapons (swords, spears, &c.)
uchi-ne - short, dart-like weapon (probably similar to a javelin, but use ABP and damage of a dagger)
udon - thick wheat noodles in broth
ue-sama - ("sire") form of address for the Emperor. See also heika.
uchi-bukuro - money purse; used by both men and women
uchige - rice bag
uchiwa - flat fan
uji - clan
ujigami - patron kami and protectors of a clan
Ukibashi - bridge descending from heaven
uma - horse
umeboshi - dried, pickled plum
umezuke - pickled plum in juice
unagi - freshwater eel
urushi-nuri - lacquerer
ushi - ox
ushi-oni - ox-ogre (a monster)
utai - singing

wa - harmony
wabi - bittersweet appreciation of a transitory beauty, relating to art
wagasa - umbrella
wagashi - sweet rice-flour pastry
wakizashi - shortsword (d8, 3)
-wara - field, plain (used as a compound name)
waraji - straw sandals
wako - pirates (including Yamatese, Khitan and others)
wasabi - green horseradish in paste
washi - paper
wayasai - vegetables

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:55 pm 
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ya - arrow; OR shop/business
yabusame - horseback archery
yadate - arrow stand
yado - inn
yadome-jutsu - arrow-cutting skill (q.v. DW6, pg. 212)
yakuza - professional gambler or underworld figure
yakuzai - medicine
yama - mountain
yamabudo - mountain grapes
yamabushi - ("one who prostrates himself on the mountain") mountain ascetic hermit, rumoured to have supernatural powers (probably a Mystic)
yamadera - a yamabushi temple; these are located exclusively on sacred mountains
yamagatana - short, broad-bladed, single-edged sword (d8, 3)
yamajiro - mountain castle (see also sanjo)
Yamato - the place you're probably adventuring in if you're reading this.
yanagi-ha - willow leaf; the 'standard' arrow
yari - spear (2d4, 4)
yaseuma - backpack; frame pack
yatsubo - quiver (usually holds 12 arrows)
yo - an age, generation
yobina - name reflecting the numerical order of birth (also called tsusho, kemyo or zokumyo)
yo-bukuro - plain fan
yogen - chemistry
yojimbo - bodyguard
Yomi - the Land of Shadow
yomyo - a child's name, conferred six days after birth
yoriki - police captain, overseers, and higher ups; usually two per city or one per town
yosan - silkworm raising
yu - transportation
yugake - tanned deerskin gloves, worm by the samurai class
yukata - summer kimono
yumi - bow (d6, 4)
yumi-shi - bowyer
yurei - ghost
yuwaku - seduction

za - a merchant guild or corporation
zanshin - state of heightened awareness; danger sense (q.v. Assassin's 'Inner Sense', DW4, pg. 15)
zanson - survival skill
zaru - vegetable washing basket
zeni - small copper coin (20 zeni = 1 chugin)
zokumyo - name reflecting the numerical order of birth. Also called tsusho, kemyo or yobina.
zukin - cowl

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:39 pm 
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Thanks, old boy. The dictionary is complete..

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