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 Post subject: Glossary
PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:41 pm 
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A glossary of common terms.

To be added to.

Bo a quarter staff
Chugin a silver piece, worth twenty zeni.Twenty chugin have the same worth as one oban.
Daisho the twin swords worn by the samurai. The katana and wakazashi.
Jo the short-staff, the act of using is jo-jutsu
Kami the spirits of Yamato
Katana the larger blade of the daisho
Koku taxes, the rice needed to feed one man for a year.
Naginata a pole-arm
Oban an elliptical gold coin, worth twenty chugin.
Wakazashi the smaller blade of the daisho
Yari a spear
Zeni a single copper piece. Twenty zeni are worth a single chugin.

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 12:41 am 
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Aiguchi - knife without a handguard (d4, 3)
Akindo - merchant
Ama - Buddhist nun (also called a bikuni) - or the equivalent in DW!
Amazaki - a sweetened, low-alcohol form of sake, used primarily during religious festivals
Anko - sweet bean paste
Ashigaru - rank and file spearman, usually bonge (commoners)
Awase toishi - polishing stone (for blades)

Bachi - large wooden drumsticks used for playing taiko and o-daiko.
Baishakunin - marriage go-between
Baishu - bribery
Baishun - prostitute
Bakemono - monster (catch-all term), or goblin
Bakuchi - gambling
Banken - trained guard dog
Bikuni - Buddhist nun (also called Ama)
Bisento - a heavy Khitan-style glaive (polearm)
Biwa - a heavy, lute-like musical instrument
Bo - a 6' long staff, usually made of hickory (analogous to a quarterstaff) (d6, 3)
Bo-jutsu - the art of fighting with a quarterstaff (bo staff)
Boke - a slow learner
Bokken - a wooden practice sword
Bo-naginata - a wooden practice naginata
Bonge - a commoner, also called a heinin
Bonsen - miniature landscaping
Bonze - itinerant Buddhist priest (or the DW equivalent)
Bozu - a celibate Buddhist priest, a monk
Bu - a measure of weight in gold (about 1,000 zeni, the equivalent of 1 koku)
Bugyo - magistrate
Buke - the military caste, or a person of the military caste
Buruburu - fear-causing hag (supernatural creature)
Bushi - warrior
Bushido - the way of the warrior (code of ethics and philosophy for the buke)
Busho - lazy
Buyo - court dance
Byo - very small period of time; a half second

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 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 10:30 pm 
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Cha - tea
Cha-no-yu - tea ceremony
Chawan - tea cup
Chijiriki - Short staff and a spiked mace attached by a length of chain (a complicated weapon)
Cho - long, one of the calls in gambling
Chochin - portable paper lantern
Chochin abura - lantern oil
Chogaku - carving
Chonin - townsperson
Chugen - samurai attendant
Choji - clove oil (for blades)
Chunin - administrators, clan elders, and teachers (and masters & officials of a ninja clan)

Dai - great, big
Dai-bakemono - great goblin
Daikagura - juggling
Daikon - large, white radish
Dai-kyu - longbow (also called a yumi)
Daimyo - a feudal lord or provincial military governor
Daisho - "long-short" or "great-small"; pair of swords (katana and wakizachi), symbol of the samurai
Dango - sweet rice-flour dumplings
Danwa - conversation
Densetsu - folklore
Deonburi - cloth apron
Do - chest protector (armour)
Dobuku - a large, broad-sleeved coat worn by buke over the hakama and kimono combination
Dogu - tools
Dojo - training centre
Do maru - wraparound cuirass of scale construction opening up under the right arm
Don - noodles
Donburi - rice with toppings
Doshin - policeman; usually bonge or low-ranked samurai
Dotaku - large bronze bell

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 12:55 pm 
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Ebi - shrimp
Eboshi - cloth or lacquered paper hat worn by those of rank.
Ema - small, wooden votive plaques
Engawa - veranda or covered porch surrounding most upper-class homes.
Eta - "much filth"; a pejorative reference to the pariah caste, or a member of the eta caste.

Feruzue - six chaku (foot) staff with chain (i.e. a weapon)
Fude - writing brush
Fudemaki - brush case
Fudeoki - brush rest
Fue - flute
Fuetsu - steel hand axe, can be double-headed (a weapon)
Fugu - blowfish
Fugu-no-doku - blowfish poison (not that any PC would ever need to know about poison... ahem.)
Fuji - wisteria
Fukusa - fancy, decorative fan
Fumesei - bad reputation
Fun - measurement of time; about half a minute
Funagoto - boating
Fundoshi - loincloth; a long, narrow cloth which wraps up between the legs and around the lower torso
Funshi - ritual suicide when the performer blames another for the actions leading to his death
Furibo - large, heavy club; rather like a heavy baseball bat (a weapon)
Furin - wind chimes
Furo - public bathhouse
Furu - old
Fusuma - opaque wooden walls, usually painted very artistically or brightly
Futon - bedroll

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2021 5:36 pm 
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Thanks, Starkad. Much appreciated.

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 2:49 pm 
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Thanks, Starkad. Much appreciated.

Passes the time...

Gagaku - Imperial court music
Gaiko - diplomacy
Gaki - hungry ghost (probably akin to a Spectre in DW?)
Gangikozo - short goblins covered with quills (use stats for Spriggans?)
Ganko - stubborn
Ganjitsu - New Year's Day
Gedan - floor of a room containing a jodan (dais)
Geigo - flattery
Gekido - bad-tempered
Gekokujo daimyo - a daimyo who has risen to prominence from nowhere
Genbuku - coming of age ceremony
Geta - wooden clogs (almost essential footwear in rainy periods)
Gimu - an obligation to repay others for what they have done for you
Giri - sense of duty / obligation
Gissha - wagon
Go - a strategic board game imported from Khitai, popular among the buke, also called igo; or five (5); or a half pint.
Go-ban - a go board
Gokoku - multi-grain gruel
Goma abura - sesame oil
Gomoku narabe - variant of go, a little like noughts and crosses; the object is to be the first to get five stones of one colour to line up (horizontally, vertically or diagonally)
Gomon-jutsu - interrogation
Gon-guji - Assistant head priest of a (Shinto) shrine
Gon-negi - Assistant junior priest of a (Shinto) shrine
Gosoku-tsukuri - armour maintenance and repair
Gotoku neko - cat goblin (a monster)
Gunbai - a flat war fan, or signalling fan
Gosoku-bitsu - a box for armour
Gyoji - referee in a basho (sumo match)
Gyokai rui - seafood

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 9:34 am 
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Hachi - eight (8)
Hachigane - small metal plates sewn onto a headcloth (armour)
Hachi-maki - headband
Hachimitsu - wild honey
Hadajuban - under-kimono
Hagoita - Colourful paddle used in the game of Hanetsuki
Haidate - Armour protecting hips and thighs (akin to taces and tassets)
Haiden - small worship hall in a shrine
Haimyo - a poet's adopted name
Hakama - wide trousers worn by buke (adopted from the Imperial Court of Khitai)
Hakamagi - a ceremony where a boy 3 to 7 years old is made to stand on a go board, with his feet clad in tabi, and has to pick up a go stone using his toes. This ceremony, also called chakugo, marks his entry into society.
Hakuzosu - a shapeshifter resembling a priest (yamabushi)
Han - fief, or "odd" - a call in the han-cho gambling game
Hanburi - a half-bowl helmet worn on the forehead
Han-Cho - ("Odd-even") a dice game
Handai - dining table
Hane - shuttlecock
Hanetskuki - A game originating in the Heian courts similar to badminton or battledore
Hankyu - short bow
Han-myo - Poison extracted from the toxic Tiger Beetle
Haori - a loose, buttock-length coat
Haragei - concentration
Haramaki - belly wrap cloth, designed to keep the belly warmer
Happuri - metal headband
Hara ate - breast plate (without a backplate)
Hashi - chopsticks (also ohashi)
Hatamoto - ("Foot of the banner") direct personal retainer of a daimyo
Hatsumode - ("First visit") the year's first visit to a shrine
Heian - historically, the Japanese era from 794-1192.
Heika - ("Sire") Form of address for the Emperor
Heikoroku - decorative arrow quiver
Heinin - see bonge
Heya - Sumotori training stable
Hijiri - Moutain hermits, precursors of the shugenja
Hikime - whistling/signalling arrow
Hikyaku - courier / message runner
Himitsu - a secret
Hina Matsuri - also called "Girls' Festival", during this matsuri, families with young daughters set up displays of dolls representing an ancient imperial court
Hinin - lowest caste in society; a pariah
Hinkon - poverty
Hiragana - a writing style (alphabet)
Hirajiro - plains castles
Hiren - love trouble; a tragic romance
Hizoku - brigand
Hoden - treasure hall of a shrine
Honden - ("Main hall") the main hall in a shrine
Honmaru - the main compound of a castle
Horen - Imperial vehicle (a wagon) pulled by an ox
Hoshina - dried radish leaves
Hotate - clams
Hyakunin isshu - a card game (created in the Heian Period), on which half of an ancient poem is written on each card; players must match the poem cards
Hyakusho - farmer
Hyoshigi - wooden clappers; used to signal an alarm or to get attention
Hyosube - short goblins with multi-jointed limbs (a monster)

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 1:42 pm 
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I - boar
Iai-jutsu - fast-draw technique (akin to Quick Draw)
Ichi - one (1); first; masseur
Igo - see go
Ika - squid
Ikebana - flower arranging
Ikusa - battle
Ingo - secret (language)
Inro - first aid pouch
Inro tenugui - bandages
Inu - dog
Irori - raised hearth
Irui - clothing
Isamiashi - impulsiveness
Ise-ebi - lobster
Ishi - doctor
Ishizumi - masonry
Itako - a medium (i.e. a Mystic)
Iwami-ginzan - ("Iwami silver") mercury, used as a poison

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2021 11:34 am 
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Ji - Written characters (e.g. Kanji)
Jindachi - another name for a tachi
Jingasa - ("Camp hat") Samurai camp helmet; or Ashigaru helmet
Jingu - a Shinto shrine (or the DW equivalent)
Jinmaku - camp curtain. Also called tobari
Jitsugyo - business
Jitsumei - ("True name") formal adult name. Also called nanori
Jitte - single prong metal truncheon; it is a symbol of police authority. (Probably effective as a shield in DW, with a chance of catching the weapon)
Jizamurai - a buke who also owns land
Jo - Unit of measurement of length (10 feet); or a four shaku (foot) wooden staff (d3, 3); or a city block, town ward
Jodan - dais, about 6 inches high
Jo-jutsu - shortstaff fighting skill
Jokamachi - ("Under-castle towns") castle town
Jonin - head of a ninjutsu-ryu
Joro - prostitute (see also baishun)
Joshiki - general knowledge (also Shuchi)
Joss - incense sticks
Ju - ten (10)
Juban - a light kimono (an informal garment)
Juban-gote - mail tunic (AF 3)
Juni-hitoe - ("12-layered garment") Kuge court dress made up of 8 to 10 layers of robes worn one on top of the other.
Jutsu - skill or art
Jyuji shuriken - four-pointed, cross-shaped shuriken (throwing star); the "trademark" of certain shinobi clans.

 Post subject: Re: Glossary
PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2021 10:08 pm 
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Kabocha - pumpkin
Kabuto - helmet (samurai armour)
Kaede - oak tree
Kagiake - lockpicking
Kago - transport consisting of a privately rented basket or hammock slung from a long pole (a type of litter used by non-samurai)
Kagoya - bearer of a kago (usually operate in teams of 4; 2 to carry, 2 to replace when carriers tire)
Kagura - Shinto (or DW equivalent) sacred dance
Kajiya - smithing skill
kai - long, paddle-like oar
Kai-awase - ("Shell joining") A game popular among the aristocracy, using both halves of clamshells with scenes painted on them (often from the Tale of Genji), the players then having to match the two halves together.
kaiken - small pin or blade carried in the saya (scabbard) of a katana
kaishaku - a second in the ritual of seppuku
kajitsushu - fruit liquor
kakemono - hanging scroll
kaki - shellfish, oysters
kakuremi - stealth skill
kama - a sickle-like blade attached horizontally to a short wooden stick (d6, 3?); or a rice-cooking pot
kama-jutsu - skill with a kama
kama-yari - spear with an added crescent blade (2d4, 4, can slash)
kame - ceramic pickling jar
kami - an honorific for noble, sacred spirits. A supernatural being; sometimes translated as "god" or "deity".
Kami mukae - a ceremony held in a shrine or other sacred place to welcome the kami to earth.
Kami okuri - the closing ceremony of a matsuri (religious festival)
kan - Perception
kanbutsu - dried fish
kangaku - Khitan classical literature
kanji - advanced Yamatese writing, using Khitan characters
kanjiki - snow shoes
kanmuri - ("cap of rank") cap worn by kuge; it is usually worn with a kariginu, especially on formal occasions
kannushi - Shinto (or the DW equivalent) priest. Also called shinkan.
Kanpaku - Prime Minister; Imperial regent
kantaimono - entertainer
kao - face (relating to honour)
kappa - short, turtle-like goblins with hollowed heads that live in rivers and lakes (a monster)
karashi - Khitan hot mustard
kari - hunting
kariginu - a high and round-collared over-robe with very large sleeves. It is worn by kuge over the hakama.
karimata - forked arrow (useful for cutting ropes, but the weight reduces effective range)
kari-shozoku - falconry attire (for buke)
karma - universal causal law (originated in Minj)
karo - councillor, high ranking member of a samurai clan
karumi-jutsu - ("body lightening") the ability to leap great distances and heights; or acrobatics
kasa - straw hat
kashimono - a garment consisting of a matching hakama and a kataginu, worn over a kimono.
Kasuga matsuri - spring festival
kataginu - samurai court vest
katakana - form of writing used principally for names and proper nouns
katame - nearly blind or missing one eye
katana - curved longsword (not sure what stats you're using for this?)
katanabukukuro - sword bag
katanakake - sword rack
katana-zutsu - sword case
kataribe - wandering scholar
Katchu Keiba - festival involving a horse race in which the riders wear full armour with banners
kate-bukuro - provision bag
kawa - river
kawanaga - weighted rope (usually with grappling hook)
kawaramono - ("Riverbed people") Hinin who live in or near dried-out riverbeds on the outskirts of town in little ghettos
kaya - mosquito netting
kaya abura - nutmeg oil
kegetsu - fur boots
kemari - football-like game played by kuge (football as in soccer, that is. Popular in 8th - 12th Century Japan)
ken - a straight two-edged sword (d8, 4); or a unit of measurement equal to 2m
kenbo - forgetful
kenbu - sword dance
kenkyu - research
kensai - sword master (there is a reference to haiken swordmasters in DW book 6, pg. 10 which might be more appropriate?)
kesa - a long cloth wrap worn over one shoulder, usually worn by Buddhist priests (or the DW equivalent)
kesho - cosmetics
kijishi - carver, sculptor
ki-jutsu - sleight of hand
kikko - armour made out of small iron or hard leather hexagonal plates
kimono - ("things to wear") common robe-like garment worn by all classes
kin - gold
kinoko - mushrooms
kinusaya - snow peas
kirisute-gomen - the right (gomen) of a samurai to cut down (kirisute) any member of the common or untouchable class and walk off with impunity
ko - lake
kobakama - short trousers, often worn by bonge
kobun - ("child-role") members of a criminal organisation; or classical literature
kodo - incense ceremony; or a large lecture hall on temple grounds
kogai - a small knife kept in a wakizashi saya (scabbard) - too small to be an effective weapon
koi - carp
kojutsu - navigation
koku - a unit of volume based on Khitan measures equal to 180 litres; or the amount of rice needed to feed one person for a year
Kokugo - alternative for Yamatese (language)
kombu - dried kelp
komuso - travelling monk of the Fuke Buddhist sect (or the DW equivalent)
kondo - ("golden hall") great hall in a temple containing the enshrined image of the patron Buddhist spirit (or DW equivalent)
kosaku - farming
koshiate - a leather sleeve hung from the waist sash to carry a katana
kosho - Khitan pepper
kote - armour sleeves
koten bungaku - Yamatese classical literature
koto - Yamatese zither (musical instrument)
kotsosumi - one foot long, hourglass-shaped, two-headed drum
kouro - incense pot
kozuka - small steel knife kept in a katana saya (scabbard) - too small to be an effective weapon
ku - nine (9)
kuchikami no sake - ("chewing-in-the-mouth sake") early form of sake made from chestnuts and millet chewed by the whole village and then spat out into a tub to ferment. Yum.
kudamono - fruit
kuge - imperial noble, member of the aristocracy
kuma - bear
kumi - gang, criminal organisation
kunoichi - female shinobi (ninja)
kura - saddle, made of wood and lacquered black or crimson; or a storehouse
kurage - jellyfish
kuri - chestnut
kusa - grass; or a term used to refer to shinobi
kusajishi - deer-shaped archery target
kusarigama - a kama with a length of chain attached to the bottom of the handle (i.e. a weapon)
kusazuri - tassets hanging from the waist of a do
kuwa - broad-bladed hoe
kyokusui - improvisational poetry composition by a stream, in which sake cups are floated; practiced almost exclusively by kuge
kyogen - comedic dance (also called manzai)
kyu-jutsu - archery skill
kyuri - cucumber

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