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Intro to adventure
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Author:  SimonB [ Sun Jan 17, 2021 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Intro to adventure

“Visit the village of Sukarō,” you’re told by Sakoda no Masakano, the head of the Sakoda family, “and convey my respects to my son, Moritano. I wish you to deliver him this pair of wedding gifts.”
Masakano passes you an exquisite war fan and a rolled scroll. “Please remain with him for a few days and observe the way he manages his affairs. I would like you to report back to me on the state of the marriage. This man” and he indicates an obvious outlander, “will accompany you.”

What do the party know?

• Masakano is the brother of the Abbot of Thousand Island Monastery. The Abbot has asked Yoshi to help Masakano with this matter.
• None of you have seen Moritano or his wife, but you have heard how Moritano prevailed in an arrow duel against Yaranatō no Ichi, the leading samurai of the neighbouring Yaranatō family. Moritano’s new wife, Taira no Kyoko, is a reported beauty and excellent poet.
• The Taira Clan is the preeminent clan on Hito Island.
• The journey to Sukarō will take a week.
• Aiken is recently arrived to Masakano’s court. He is being paid to accompany the party to Sukarō.

The party set off for Sukarō. After a day’s travel on the road ahead they see a pair stumbling toward them. They meet a tax collector and his bodyguard.

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