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Would The Best Laid Plans by Dave Morris work as part of DW
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Author:  Cobwebbed Dragon [ Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Would The Best Laid Plans by Dave Morris work as part o

Jay_NOLA wrote:
Did another read through last night of the DW conversion scenario and was wondering what happened to the Pazuzu that was in the original scenario?

You noticed that, eh? I made a couple of unilateral "improvements" to the scenario that I suspect aren't to everyone's taste. I should also be clear that Dave M only granted permission to release my conversion, he in no way endorsed it as an official conversion. The super-astute amongst you will also notice that I've changed some of the rank equivalence scores from their published values, too, and used a relatively low-ranked Porphyr.

So the (Runequest) Pazuzu became a (Dragon Warriors) Melech and the demon that's actually missing from the conversion is the (Runequest) Nightmare, which would have been a (Dragon Warriors) Demon Steed, rather than a (Dragon Warriors) Nightmare. Why did I do that? Well, partly because I don't like (DW) Nightmares, partly for balance (the Nightmare is a relatively low-ranked demon), and partly for layout - the demons' stats fit nicely onto 3 pages. Plus, as I limited my conversion to 8 players, 8 demons (plus 2 gremlins) pleased the aesthete in me.

Jay_NOLA wrote:
Also, the scenario looks like it might be a nice way to teach players the DW combat system by using some pre-made characters.

As a learning exercise, I'd probably present a simpler combat-based scenario - large battles like these, with players unfamiliar with Dragon Warriors' tactical combat rules, would be particularly turgid, I reckon. Probably one for experienced players needing educating in demonkind, rather than combat rules. Again, though, it depends on the competency and attitude of your group.

And if you want some rank 8-10 pre-made characters quickly, look no further than my own Character Generator:

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